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Mind your step

At Schiphol Airport, the loudspeakers near the treadmills keep repeating: "Mind your step". This analogy came to mind when thinking about the Third Law of Motion by Isaac Newton: for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction (source). In other words: what goes around, comes around. Nowadays, it's common practice to propose to forbid,...

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Last week, I read a new word: shrinkflation. I haven't noticed shrinkflation yet in my local supermarket; only (limited) inflation. With the knowledge of hindsight, I did notice shrinkflation when ordering a recent meal: less quality for more money. I doubt that this restaurant will survive. "In economics, shrinkflation, also known as the grocery...

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RPA department head lashes ‘politically-driven’ management of crisis (SMH)

Sydney Morning Herald: RPA department head lashes ‘politically-driven’ management of crisisBy: Lucy Carroll and Mary WardDate: 20 January 2022 "A high-ranking doctor from one of Sydney’s biggest hospitals has lashed the “politically driven” management of the pandemic, as thousands of health staff remain on COVID-19 leave and the number of hospitals...

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Life is a revolving door

Nowadays, my love life feels like a revolving door. As soon as a Possibly Maybe disappears, the next one appears. I thought that this phenomenon might just be happening to me. I was wrong. A few days ago, a friend posted an excerpt from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944): "Il y aura toujours une autre occasion, un autre ami, un autre amour,...

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Why are strategies rooted in monism?

For some time, there has been a question on my list of topics: why are strategies rooted in monism, and not in dualism or in trialism? I'm referring to strategies in business and/or politics. Perhaps, science has backup strategies for reaching its goals. Love may have several strategies but only one goal. I could blame the psychopathic traits in CEOs following Kevin...

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Inflation Is Good for You (the Intercept)

Introduction LO: This article is counter-intuitive. It makes much more sense to expect that low-income households will feel (much) more pain than high-income households. Hence, I selected it for a review and fact-check. This article focuses on the impact of inflation on debt. In and of itself, it is true that inflation deflates debt in real terms. However, debt is...

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