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Greed is (not) good

Tuesday, the Dutch PM visited the US president to discuss (a.o.) the American export ban for ASML, a Dutch company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-tech machines, which are used to produce high-tech computer chips. This American export ban hurts ASML's profits. Several decades ago, Western companies moved production facilities...

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The oldest (known) city is some 11,000 years old (ie, Damascus). The oldest (known) country is some 2,500 years old, being: San Marino (301 BCE), or Japan (660 BCE) or China (221 BCE). See 2020 ThoughtCo. article. Much more recent is geopolitics, which (probably) started with WW I (1914-18). Geopolitics represents the global interconnectedness of Politics, one of...

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Are Money and Politics decoupling?

While British politics is still pro-Brexit, a majority of British voters now regret Brexit (eg, the Times). German politics is now open to seize Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine (eg, Bloomberg). China's political slogan of common prosperity is often nicknamed as common poverty due to its loss of wealth. Russian billionaires are dropping dead, like overheated...

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China: from zero to max Covid?

Late 2022, China confirmed two corona fatalities after abandoning its zero-Covid policy (WSJ). If true, this would indeed support its policy shift. The new official total in China amounts to 5,241 deaths on a population of almost 1.5 billion. Hence, 0.000360% in China versus 0,0835% globally. On 14 December 2022, the WHO published a new estimate for global corona...

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The Future of US-China Relations (GPF)

GeoPolitical Futures title: The Future of US-China Relations By: George Friedman Date: 15 November 2022 "Earlier this week, the G-20 summit opened in Indonesia, during which the long-awaited meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping took place. That they met at all means the meeting was a success. That it was three hours long is...

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The Founding Fathers were right after all

My blog's title is an implicit admission that I've been wrong. It took me years to appreciate the checks and balances of the American democracy. Indeed, there is no national proportional representation due to the U.S. Electoral College that favours rural states above urban states (eg, California). There have been either four or five U.S. presidential elections in...

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