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Political correctness

Collective guilt is back

All over the world, Russians - inside and outside Russia - are being blamed for their president's invasion of Ukraine. A Russian top conductor was fired for his ties to the president (eg, DW). Even classical concerts featuring dead Russian composers (eg, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky) were cancelled (Volkskrant). Some random news articles: "Since Russia's invasion of...

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Inflation Is Good for You (the Intercept)

Introduction LO: This article is counter-intuitive. It makes much more sense to expect that low-income households will feel (much) more pain than high-income households. Hence, I selected it for a review and fact-check. This article focuses on the impact of inflation on debt. In and of itself, it is true that inflation deflates debt in real terms. However, debt is...

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Vaccine mandates are mobilising the opposition

It's probably safe to argue that Donald Trump lost his re-election due to his failed handling of Covid-19. I believe he would have been re-elected if he had - at least - taken Covid-19 serious. It's probably also safe to argue that Joe Biden's vaccine mandates are mobilising the Republican opposition (eg, AP). AP, 2 November 2021: "A closely contested race for...

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“Veel ongevaccineerden met migratie-achtergrond op ic”

Telegraaf, 27 oktober 2021 Telegraaf: "Veel ongevaccineerden met migratie-achtergrond op ic: ’Angst om te discrimineren staat preventie in de weg’ " "Het aantal ziekenhuisopnames van coronapatiënten loopt snel op. Mensen die nu op de verpleegafdeling of ic liggen zijn vaak ongevaccineerden van niet-westerse origine. Waarom zijn die zo moeilijk te bereiken? „We zijn...

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Greenwashing: leveraging on our guilt & shame

Life was simple once: either something was allowed or it was not. Usually, the law defines what is allowed. Then ideology (eg, Politics, Religion) complicated matters for us: certain things that are allowed can still be morally wrong, albeit from that ideological perspective. The moment you think that you are acting politically correct, something new comes along to...

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Why do people apologize?

In 2015, I wrote my blog Apologies and the 7 reasons for non-apologists. A few days ago, I noticed an article in The Times of Israel, an online English language newspaper: What’s the point of an apology? It caught my interest as I seldom apologize. I only apologize when I mean it; not when it's politically correct. Moreover, it genuinely (sic!) irritates me when...

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