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Is ideology responsible for stupidity?

It occurred to me that (blind) ideology might be responsible for human stupidity. According to a 2018 paper in the Journal of Degenerative Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, author James F Welles claims it is indeed: The Ideological Basis of Stupidity. Since 1990, he wrote at least 3 books on stupidity. The diagram in my recent blog on Needs, Wants,...

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Why is sex not part of the 7 Belief systems?

Last weekend, I received a question: why is sex not part of my concept of the 7 Belief systems? A very interesting question of which I’m not sure that it crossed my mind in 2015. Actually, Love was the 7th and last belief that I defined (my April 2015 blog). It's important to realize that the word sex quite often implies lust and the absence of (romantic) love....

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I have faith in you. I believe in you.

The ancient Greek had (at least) six words for Love, being agape (divine love), eros (romantic love), philia (friendship), philautia (self-love), storge (familial love) and xenia (hospitality). These words are all connected to my concept Faith, Beliefs & Willpower. When you love someone, you believe in them. You have faith in them. Both give you the willpower to...

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How Confucius loses face in China’s new surveillance regime (Aeon+FD)

Aeon title: How Confucius loses face in China’s new surveillance regimeand FD titel: In surveillancestaat China verliest Confucius zijn gezichtBy: Philip IvanhoeDate: 17 January 2020"While conceived of and functioning differently in diverse contexts, ‘face’ describes a phenomenon that exists in every human society. Its most basic sense concerns...

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The complexity bias (12): Why

The complexity bias is a phenomenon that Change (eg, in life, nature and probably the Universe) has a tendency to increase rather than reduce complexity. This is counterintuitive. Simplicity should have a higher chance of surviving Change (eg, bacteria, viruses). Complexity should have less chance in Evolution. Yet, complexity seems to be the guiding principle....

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Everything follows Why (7): the DIKW model

Everything follows Why (7): the DIKW model

Recently, I noticed a diagram on LinkedIn that I want to share with you. It's known as the Data- Information-Knowledge-Wisdom (DIKW) model or pyramid. This diagram has many fathers (eg, Jay Liebowitz-1999) but its origin is uncertain. Wiki: "[] many authors agreed that DIKW, at least IKW, originated from the play The Rock by T. S. Eliot in 1934." Last Tuesday, I...

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