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Pushing boundaries

Last Sunday, a local friend joined me at my table at his restaurant. He had a blog topic for me: pushing boundaries. He was not talking about the recently popular term of transgressive behaviour (in Dutch: grensoverschrijdend gedrag). More specifically, he wondered why I'm not pushing my boundaries. Children are always pushing their boundaries with respect to...

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The road to self-love or philautia

Last Thursday morning, Dutch band Rondé was promoting their new single: I'm ready to love myself (see song below). The band's singer was talking about her transformation to self-love (in Greek: philautia). Before, she did not believe in the healing nature of loving yourself. How do you get there? It's important to realise that both love and self-love are output and...

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Most of Us Combine Personality Traits from Different Genders (Scientific American)

Introduction LO: Before this article, I considered men and women as two different - biological - species. Together, you are able to reproduce and create offspring. Things get more complicated once you include men behaving like women, and women behaving like men. In 2015, I published my blog on The paradox of homosexuality in evolution. To date, scientists can still...

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Last Friday, an ex-girlfriend replied to my Al Capone's kindness for weakness quote by stating: "I understand but you're soooooooo sensitive". She is right. Even my Chinese Western zodiac claims that in its 5th and last paragraph. I always wonder whether my sensitivity is a strength, a weakness or both. Given the triangle of personality, attitude & behaviour, I...

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Negativity: not forgetting + not forgiving + not loving (yourself)

I'm not good in forgetting (eg, bad events). I forgive easily but not everyone. For decades, I did not love myself (eg, failed marriage). My introspection, following my 2013 burnout and subsequent depression, allowed me to achieve philautia or self-love. Narcissism is an extreme form of self-love and/but without any doubt. Writing the aforementioned paragraph made...

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Our face is the mirror of our personality

An April 2021 study, published in the journal Nature Genetics is entitled: "Shared heritability of human face and brain shape" (eg, Big Think, Nature). Moreover, ancient wisdom states that the eyes are the windows to a person's soul (eg, Bible Matthew 6:22-24, phrases). Clearly, there's a link between our facial structures and our character, including our...

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