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“The enemy of a woman is a woman”

My title is the reply I received after sharing some local Kenyan information (eg, CNN, Telegraaf). I had scanned that article and assumed the manager was a male. She pointed out that I was wrong. The manager was a female. Hence, her reply to me: "The enemy of a woman is a woman". My friend claims that "it's a known fact". I added: "and an opinion as well". She...

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When to apply the lesser of two evils principle?

My question is: when can one apply this principle? Is it even possible to apply this principle on nations, like China vs USA, or China vs Russia? It seems that this principle prefers a micro rather than a macro view, like the 2016 choice between H. Clinton and Trump (eg. my 2016 blog, Politico). Most likely, evil requires a simple, one-dimensional view. Example:...

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My title is an audit abbreviation for No Further Work Done. Sometimes, you just know enough; usually not. I've wondered if a certain error was by mistake or intentional. Now, this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche comes to mind: “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”  The abbreviation above was usually valid and/but...

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Netanyahu 2022 = Trump 2024 ?

Late 2022, Netanyahu became - once again - the PM of Israel, despite the legal trials against him (eg, "bribery, fraud, and breach of trust"). Trump wants to be re-elected as US president in 2024, despite the many lawsuits against him. Hence, my question: Netanyahu 2022 = Trump 2024 ? It appears that lawsuits against both are strengthening their voter base, while...

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Moral hazard problems

I've always viewed the moral hazard problem as a macro rather than a micro issue (eg, too big to fail, privatizing profits, socializing losses). I was wrong. Recently, I realised I also have a moral hazard problem. I prioritize my integrity over opportunism. Hence, I get less reward by taking less (opportunistic) risk. One could argue I'm walking the moral high...

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Free will: no one can predict what you’ll do. Seriously?

People who know me well will claim that they can predict my choices. I think, feel and believe their view is valid. Nevertheless, neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene claims that ‘Free will is real. No one can predict what you are going to do’ (El Pais-2023). The explanation may be in statistics. Knowing someone well implies that you've witnessed many events, in which...

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