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Afghanistan (2) and Kurdistan (2)

Yesterday, the media questioned the American presence in Afghanistan. Today, the media are crying wolf over the chaos of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Tomorrow, the media will blame the US government(s) for its long overdue (successful) troop withdrawal. It's always the same: the media are like an eternal opposition party. I expect this approach from liberal-left...

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The American withdrawal from Afghanistan is causing concerns amongst its immediate neighbours: China, Iran and Pakistan. Russia is no longer a neighbour of Afghanistan but the Soviet Union was. The Soviet invasion in Afghanistan lasted from 1979-1989. The Soviet withdrawal in 1989 resulted in a corridor between Afghanistan and China. A map shows the various Afghan...

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Why Trump’s Golan Heights move should worry India and Taiwan (Qz)

Quartz title: Why Trump’s Golan Heights move should worry India and Taiwan "Donald Trump signed a proclamation today (March 25) recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel, overturning 50 years of US precedent and defying international law on sovereign borders. That means that the world’s most powerful military has decided to support Israel’s 1967 occupation and...

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Reeducation Returns to China (Foreign Affairs)

The June 2018 Foreign Affairs article, as stated below, triggers a question that has not been answered in that article: Why do Muslim countries largely keep silent on the Chinese treatment of Muslims? A 14 September 2018 Bloomberg article does, however, answer that question. Excerpt: "Muslim-majority governments have largely kept silent: Many rely on China’s...

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Civilizations before 4,000 BC and Black Death

Civilizations before 4,000 BC and Black Death

A NYT article on Ireland's mysterious tombs of 4,500 BC finally pushed me in the right direction. I started looking for pandemics and found what I was looking for in a Los Angeles Times article: "The plague's deadly pedigree goes back 3,000 years earlier than thought". LA-T: "Turns out the plague was, er, plaguing humans far earlier than once thought. A study [in...

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