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We trust others like we trust ourselves

My motto is trust but verify. I borrowed it from Ronald Reagan who borrowed it from a Russian proverb (Wiki). To a large extent, my motto avoids distrusting and/or mistrusting most people (difference). I trust myself, except for my "addiction" to (Dutch) liquorice confectionery a.k.a. "drop(jes)". Once they're in stock, they must be eaten. Mostly, I...

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A new milestone: 2,000 published blogs

Yesterday morning, I noticed that I have published 2,000 blogs. My initial ones (in Dutch) were mediocre and reveal a lot of emotional pain. However, that was their purpose. My then-girlfriend recommended writing to me, for losing steam and for healing my soul, following a nasty divorce that lasted for 4 years in several courts. Her advice worked and I would...

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I'm easily hurt by people whom I care for. Wednesday evening, it happened again. She claims she had the best intentions when asking her questions. She intends to introduce me to her friends some time soonish, and asked me how I would behave amongst them. She said that her questions should be viewed as a compliment to me. I felt more sad after each new question. In...

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To treat back pain, look at the brain not the spine (Aeon)

Last week's newsletter by Aeon featured a 2017 article: "To treat back pain, look at the brain not the spine". I forwarded that article to an American friend who has been living with chronic back pain for decades. At that time, I didn't expect this article to become relevant for me as well. Only one day later, I suddenly felt lower back pain. For me, this is...

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Fungi, the interface between life and death (2)

The New York Times article below came as a surprise to me because I had just written part 1 of this blog series. I didn't even expect a follow-up, let alone this quick. The article was "hidden" at the end of NYT's weekly email summary of Science and Health related articles. Another surprise was the link between fungi and chronic illnesses like Crohn’s...

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