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Opinions vs facts

When (and how) to believe compulsive liars??

In principle, my blog title is a contradiction in terms. Hence, the answer to my question above might well be: never. Still, some compulsive liars will allow us to use a (simple) technique, like reverse speech. I suppose that most liars are (much) more sophisticated. In my view, nearly everything that Donald Trump says is the (exact) opposite of facts or objective...

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A warning label for social media platforms?!

On 17 June 2024, the "U.S. surgeon general called for a warning label on social media platforms that says they may damage teens’ mental health" (NYT). It seems to become a bipartisan issue: "Social media needs more than a warning label" (WE). In my view, adults are even at more risk than teens. Obviously, a warning label might be like a "forbidden fruit" and will...

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The bad news cycle

For a long time, I've been wondering why news is always negative. I've stopped viewing conservative and liberal news on TV. Both annoy me with their negative attitudes. I still listen to radio news despite their hidden bias. For some time, I wondered if there's another label than negative / positive. Recently, I had a breakthrough: the bad news cycle is related to...

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Bipartisan politics: between autocracy and multi-party coalition

Recently, Allister Heath (b.1977) wrote an intriguing article in The Telegraph, entitled: For the first time in my life, I’m now beginning to think Britain is finished. Its subtitle was another clear message: "The country’s self-image as tolerant, decent and hard-working is being smashed. It’s only going to get worse". My main thought was: what is the difference...

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AI trust issues (Axios)

Intro LO: Trust issues are probably the most fundamental issues between humans, and also in primates like chimpanzees. Hence, trust issues in artificial intelligence (AI) make perfect sense. Moreover, the word intelligence in AI is utterly misleading. Hence, articles about Artificial Idiocy. Also see my related 2023 blog. Artificial "intelligence" is based on human...

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De rechter als instrument

Afgelopen maandag heeft het Gerechtshof in Den Haag de eis van drie NGO’s (t.w. Oxfam Novib, PAX, The Rights Forum) toegewezen om de export van militaire onderdelen te stoppen (o.a. AD). Ik hoop en verwacht dat het Kabinet een cassatieberoep bij de Hoge Raad instelt. Het is principieel onjuist dat minderheden, via hun NGO’s, het Kabinetsbeleid bepalen. De...

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