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Fact-free opinions

Recently, I've had a few conversations in which the other party no longer believed in scientific studies. A few weeks ago, it became public knowledge that the Dutch Minister of Health is being accused of having "fact-free delusions" - and by his own peers (FD, NOS). These incidents fit in a much larger trend of "fact-free opinions". To a large...

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Recently, the (conservative) Economist published an interesting article: How objectivity in journalism became a matter of opinion (next Saturday's blog). The (left-wing) New Republic published its view one day earlier: The Long War on Objectivity. Its subtitle is almost ironic: "What enabled the rise of today’s right-wing media empire?" The (renewed)...

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The blurring of facts and opinions

Monday evening, I noticed an opinion by a Dutch doctor: "The reporting on the coronavirus is more damaging than the virus itself". From a health perspective, I couldn't agree more. Also see my recent blog: Virus epidemics. The mass hysteria on the coronavirus is being fed by nearly all media. What explains this blurring of fact and opinion? The simplest of all...

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Our search for the truth

Last Monday, I was watching clips from a 1974 documentary with Karl Popper (1902-1994), "one of the 20th century's greatest philosophers of science". Aeon's 28 March 2019 newsletter had promoted this 29 minute video. Afterwards I realised that my new belief system Data-Info could also be viewed as a government mandated - and sometimes falsified -...

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The paradox of information

Mark Zuckerberg's recent speech argued that Facebook's unregulated platform of (dis and mis-) information is to be preferred over the Chinese information model, mandated by its government. Let's call this dilemma the paradox of information, similar to Karl Popper's paradox of tolerance: "In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must...

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The paradox of tolerance

For some time, I'm puzzled by the intolerance of the Dutch Left. In America, this topic has already been covered since 2017 (eg, Heritage, Odyssey, Politico). The Dutch left-wing response to the recent election victory of a right-wing nationalist was full of (extreme) intolerance (eg, Dutch News, NL-Times). Apparently, the "tolerant" Left fights alleged...

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