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Nothing vs something

Nothing to lose

Some four years ago, a friend in Belgium died on the same day that I bought my house near the Belgian border. I had hoped visiting her more often. My friend had been worried about her imminent death. She feared missing her (grand)children. I suppose that most of us fear losing something. Back then, I asked her if she still prayed. She did not. I told her about the...

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and then there were none……..

My blog title entered my mind a while ago but it wasn't valid yet, back then. It is now. This is unknown territory to me. The title is also a 1939 mystery novel by Agatha Christie, and "described by her as the most difficult of her books to write." Actually, I feel the same with this blog. None is not the same as empty or nothing. Far from it. There's an English...

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How to restore togetherness in a society?

In a recent facebook remark, I wondered how we can restore togetherness in a society; or in Dutch: hoe krijg je saamhorigheid terug in een "samen"leving? Our Western societies are often characterized by glorifying freedom (eg, sexual expression, speech) and by individualism. I received several replies. A friend of a friend is convinced that global grass roots...

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Why is bigger better?

My question may trigger a negative response (eg, "not true"). Nevertheless, one can only conclude that we - at the very least subconsciously - must believe in bigger = better. I do not but I'm an exception, along with 15% of the world population. About 85% live in urban areas. My village (c.2,000 people) offers at least something: an elementary school, bars,...

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Theory of Everything (2) – the Flow

Theory of Everything (2) – the Flow

My recent blog on the Theory of Everything did not include my diagram below. My diagram is even more relevant for part 2 today. Since writing part 1, I have been wondering whether the arrows resulting from the meta ingredients Energy, Resources, Transformation and Change are representing a phenomenon in positive psychology called the Flow. Nautilus, 4...

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Theory of Everything

While cleaning my email box, I noticed a recent Economist article about a Theory of Everything, albeit for economists only. It reminded me of my own ambition to come up with such a theory. I still remember a brief moment several years ago, when I suddenly saw the interconnectedness of everything in my mind. During my cleaning, I also noticed a recent...

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