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Nothing vs something

Theory of Everything (2) – the Flow

Theory of Everything (2) – the Flow

My recent blog on the Theory of Everything did not include my diagram below. My diagram is even more relevant for part 2 today. Since writing part 1, I have been wondering whether the arrows resulting from the meta ingredients Energy, Resources, Transformation and Change are representing a phenomenon in positive psychology called the Flow. Nautilus, 4...

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Theory of Everything

While cleaning my email box, I noticed a recent Economist article about a Theory of Everything, albeit for economists only. It reminded me of my own ambition to come up with such a theory. I still remember a brief moment several years ago, when I suddenly saw the interconnectedness of everything in my mind. During my cleaning, I also noticed a recent...

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Identity vs Power (3) – energy and matter

The terms dark matter and dark energy and/or negative energy have been on my list of topics for a while. However, it's hard visualising something in your mind which you cannot see or touch. Given the universal concept of symmetry and balance (my 2016 blog), dark energy & matter should be the opposite of (ordinary) energy and matter. I have written...

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You probably recognise these sentences: “I have nothing [to wear]” and “There’s nothing [interesting] to see”. Both sender and receiver know that these statements are not true. It’s an exaggeration to stress that there is not enough of “something”. Probably, the word “nothing” may only be defined as the absence of something. Hence, “nothing” is never all-inclusive...

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