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North Korea

Why did China lie to us about its coronavirus? (2)

A lot has happened since my 2 April 2020 blog: Why did China lie to us about its coronavirus deaths? Ever since that blog, I have noticed an avalanche of articles with a similar scope. Since April 8, Facebook is - and retroactively - blocking all of my Google (!) blog posts. More recently, the American state of Missouri has started a lawsuit against China...

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Why is lying a Russian habit?

For a long time, I've been wondering why lying by Russian officials seems to be the default. It's very likely that when Russian do speak the truth, we wouldn't even recognise it anymore - let alone trust it. Russian lies even resulted in a 2016 Russian scientific study: "Verbal representation of lies in Russian and Anglo-American cultures". Apart from this 2016...

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Why do revolutions turn into autocracies?

For some time, I have been considering today's blog title. Yesterday's blog already put this question in a broader perspective. Still, it seems that any revolution leads to an autocracy (eg, Cuba, Nicaragua, Russia, Venezuela). At the other side of the political spectrum, coup d'états usually also turn into autocracies (eg, African continent). Initially, I assumed...

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A tale of daring, violence and intrigue from a North Korea embassy (FT)

Financial Times title: A tale of daring, violence and intrigue from a North Korea embassy FT subtitle: Report on events in Madrid sheds light on activists working to bring down Kim regime “It was an unusual sight in the normally quiet streets of the wealthy Valdermarín neighbourhood on the edge of Madrid: an Asian woman, badly injured, stumbling down the pavement...

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Chinese stocks slip after report claims spy chips infiltrated US networks (Telegraph)

"Shares in Chinese hardware companies plunged on Friday, led by computer maker Lenovo, after a report last night claimed that Chinese spies had infiltrated US companies' systems using thousands of microchips. Bloomberg last nightclaimed there had been a major "supply chain hack" of around 30 companies as well as US government agencies, by the Chinese People's...

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For Trump, Power and Values Matter Less Than Dollars and Cents (NYT)

"SINGAPORE — President Trump’s eager embrace of Kim Jong-un of North Korea this week, on the heels of an acrid falling-out with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, raised an obvious, if confounding, question: Why would an American president offend allies and cozy up to adversaries? If there was an answer in Mr. Trump’s tumultuous week on the global stage, it...

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