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New Zealand

Zero Covid policy

Introduction LO: I'm not fond of opinions, including the one below, which feels like a personal attack. Nevertheless, any zero-virus policy is indeed arrogant and ignorant and doomed to fail. Viruses are neither alive nor dead, at least following human definitions (ie, Nature's Tree of Life). Moreover, their origin is still unknown. The more you prevent viruses to...

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Idiocracy (6): New Zealand

Introduction LO: New Zealand has a population of about 5.129.000 people and has faced 26 deaths due to Covid-19. They are well below the cumulative international average mortality rates of 0.2% to 0.3%. Else, they would have had 10,000 to 15,000 fatalities. The above suggests the following:- the % of asymptomatic virus carriers in New Zealand is much higher than...

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Governance Envy (National Review)

National Review title: Governance Envy / Big, Rich, and BonkersNR subtitle: A different kind of Stockholm SyndromeAuthor: Kevin WilliamsonDate: 26 May 2020 "On policy questions, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern is mostly on the naughty list. Ardern is a Labour goober and former president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, a kind of improved...

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Not guilty

Not guilty

"The Australian man accused of killing 51 people and wounding dozens more as they worshiped at two mosques in New Zealand in March pleaded not guilty to scores of counts — including murder and a terrorism charge — in a brief court hearing on Friday." (NYT). Note: bold markings in quote by LO. His "not guilty" plea makes perfect sense for someone who...

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