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Kent Nederland een huizentekort of een singlesoverschot? (Volkskrant)

Introductie LO: Hieronder wordt een vergelijking gemaakt tussen (i) het aantal eenpersoonshuishoudens en (ii) het (beweerde) huizentekort. De analyse is simpel: het probleem ligt bij de eenpersoonshuishoudens (o.a. bijstandsmoeders, gescheiden ouders, weduwnaars, weduwen). Die groep moet zich kennelijk aanpassen. De stijging van het aantal eenpersoonshuishoudens is...

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Is democracy only a democracy when your party wins?

The Brazilian opposition leader won the first round of the 2022 general election (ie, 48% vs 43%). However, news articles and comments are suggesting that he - and even democracy - have lost. Why? Because actual results differed from expectations. Voter polling statistics had claimed a landslide victory. The Brazilian elections are an example of two of my topics:...

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Lies, damned lies, and statistics

On 30 September 2022, the Dutch Statistics Agency reported that the average inflation over September amounted to 17,1% (CBS). It surprised me because it didn't feel that way. The Dutch Press Agency reported that this 17,1% included the October energy rate increases (ANP). Hence, my blog title. Something similar happened over the last decade: the enormous increases...

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Why is bigger better?

My question may trigger a negative response (eg, "not true"). Nevertheless, one can only conclude that we - at the very least subconsciously - must believe in bigger = better. I do not but I'm an exception, along with 15% of the world population. About 85% live in urban areas. My village (c.2,000 people) offers at least something: an elementary school, bars,...

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Positivity and negativity: micro and macro

We all know these Happy-Go-Lucky people. They radiate positivity and can bring sunshine to your day. We also know people who can suck out any positivism from our (and their) life. Most of us are keen to avoid them. Recently, I was wondering if such positivity and negativity may also happen at a macro level. My curiosity was triggered by societies that are becoming...

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Fact check: did universal health care prevent corona deaths?

Introduction LO: The Netherlands has Universal Health Care. USA does not. Hence, a comparison makes sense. Dimensions: Population:Cumulative deaths:in % of population:savings claim in article:claim in % of population:revised mortality % US of America: 330 million1 million0.3%300,000+0.09%< 0.21% The Netherlands: 17.6 million40,0000.23% About half of the Covid-19...

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