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Netanyahu 2022 = Trump 2024 ?

Late 2022, Netanyahu became - once again - the PM of Israel, despite the legal trials against him (eg, "bribery, fraud, and breach of trust"). Trump wants to be re-elected as US president in 2024, despite the many lawsuits against him. Hence, my question: Netanyahu 2022 = Trump 2024 ? It appears that lawsuits against both are strengthening their voter base, while...

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Excess mortality

Late 2021, a member of Dutch Parliament submitted a vote for an inquiry in the prolonged Dutch excess mortality. His motion received the full support of Dutch Parliament (source). Other countries have similar questions, like the UK and USA. So far, nobody has found a satisfactory explanation. Some explanations are more political than scientific. Hence, my adding of...

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What is a minimally good life?

In 2011, I visited a slum near Mombasa, following the invitation from a hotel guard. I asked a local cab driver what I should bring as a present. He said a big bottle of Coca Cola and cookies were enough because more would be embarrassing to them. The cab driver was right and the family was thrilled. My blog title is partly borrowed from a 2020 Aeon-Psyche article:...

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Accounting for climate risks

In 2019, I bought an apartment in a Dutch town, which is almost 30 meters above sea level. At the very least a third of The Netherlands is below sea level (Wiki-1, Wiki-2). Some day that will hurt; not now. My decision was a conscious choice. Climate change is a geological fact; not an opinion. My decision was rooted in my risk management. I have a lower risk...

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Eine hellgrüne Welle überrollt die Niederlande (RP)

Rheinische Post title: Eine hellgrüne Welle überrollt die Niederlande RP subtitle: Die Protestpartei BBB gewinnt die Provinziwahlen mit großem Abstand. Das Ergebnis ist eine drastische Abrechnung mit der Rutte-Regierung. By: Tobias Müller Date: 16 March 2023 "Es hatte sich abgezeichnet, doch am Ende übertraf das Ergebnis alle Erwartungen: Mit einem...

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Farmer protest party triumphs in provincial Dutch elections (FT)

Financial Times title: Farmer protest party triumphs in provincial Dutch elections FT subtitle: Populist movement rides wave of rural anger in challenge to Mark Rutte’s ruling coalition By: Andy Bounds in Brussels Date: 16 March 2023 "An insurgent farmers’ party rode a wave of anger with the government in the Netherlands to triumph in provincial elections, dealing a...

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