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Fact check: did universal health care prevent corona deaths?

Introduction LO: The Netherlands has Universal Health Care. USA does not. Hence, a comparison makes sense. Dimensions: Population:Cumulative deaths:in % of population:savings claim in article:claim in % of population:revised mortality % US of America: 330 million1 million0.3%300,000+0.09%< 0.21% The Netherlands: 17.6 million40,0000.23% About half of the Covid-19...

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Identity vs Power: dialects

The Hague is the Dutch seat of power while Amsterdam is its capitol. The further you move away from The Hague, the more dialect you will hear. First quantity, then intensity. I suppose geographical distance from Power increases the need for Identity. Dialects must be the earliest example of Identity vs Power. Last Thursday evening, I did not understand a local...

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The Universe is flat?

My apartment has relatively high ceilings because it's an old building. The sunlight comes sideways through my windows. If I don't leave my apartment, the world might appear like a big pancake (ie, flat). It's an optical illusion. Several centuries ago, sailors assumed Earth was flat as they didn't experience curves. The latest scientific assumption is that the...

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Ethics: micro vs macro

The US Supreme Court is about to rule on the federal right of abortion. Some US states are already preluding on its verdict and are only allowing abortion for early pregnancies (ie, less than 15 weeks). Should individual ethical issues even be governed by national laws? The Netherlands (my country) does not have a legal right on this ethical issue. In principle,...

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What is peace? The absence of war?

Allegedly, Russia wants peace with Ukraine, less than a month after its invasion of Ukraine. To many people, this desire is (very) hard to believe. Hence, some argue that it's a tactical move (eg, replenishing Russian troops). Why trust an aggressor and a war criminal? Moreover, what is peace? The absence of war? When I was in my teens in the 1970's, there was a...

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Una storia importante: Generazione 56K (Netflix)

Generazione 56K is an Italian romantic comedy on Netflix, situated in 1998 and 2018. At the moment of writing this, it has only 1,950 IMDb ratings that average 7.4. Well, I gave this TV series a 9 because it feels good, really good. Hence, my review. The title refers to the generation(s) that grew up with dial-up analogue internet, which includes me. The sound of...

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