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Space travel

The Universe is expanding. Each year, the (accelerating) distance to our Moon is "increasing at the rate of about 3.8 centimeters (1.5 inches) per year" (source). In the absence of (imaginary) faster than light space travel technology, planets that we can still see now, will then be too far away to visit. Notwithstanding the above, we are still planning new visits...

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Private Equity is buying stakes in audit firms

Dutch Private Equity (PE) firm Waterland, ranked #1 in Europe and #2 worldwide, is buying stakes in medium-sized audit firms. PE firms are not philanthropists. They care about an exit within a "few" years. It's hard to see that exit unless a major change in audit legislation will occur, which is not imaginary. A recent interview in the Dutch Financial Times claimed...

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Principles vs Rules

Our societies have (very) many rules. Not knowing these rules (ie, ignorance) is not a legal excuse in court. This legal principle is called ignorantia juris non excusat. Many rules are not monitored for adherence or compliance. Only in case of (legal) disputes, non-adherence or non-compliance becomes important. Rules can never be watertight. Hence, guilty people...

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Woke capitalism, a new oxymoron

Money is most successful when it operates in the background and/or in the shadows. Whenever Money takes the lead within the Power domain of the 7 Belief systems, it will be crushed by either Politics (eg, China) or Religion (eg, Iran). American businesses used to appeal to all Americans. Not anymore. Recently, the Economist published an article that Republicans are...

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The rich get richer, the poor get poorer

Regardless of our differences in political ideology, the above title appears to be true. But why? On 24 March 2021, I already noticed this quote in Axios Markets: "One part of it is if you start with a pool of wealth you have something to accumulate wealth upon. If you start without one [then] you don’t." This quote combines two aspects; input (ie, "starting with a...

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Global housing meltdown (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Global meltdown (via email)By: Alice Kantor Date: 2 August 2022 "Housing slowdown? Try a possible global meltdown. As economies flash recession signals, cracks are forming in housing markets that surged in the first years of the pandemic. In New Zealand, which has been the world’s frothiest real estate market, prices are plunging and homes...

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