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Are Money and Politics decoupling?

While British politics is still pro-Brexit, a majority of British voters now regret Brexit (eg, the Times). German politics is now open to seize Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine (eg, Bloomberg). China's political slogan of common prosperity is often nicknamed as common poverty due to its loss of wealth. Russian billionaires are dropping dead, like overheated...

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Does inspiration have an expiration date?

The above question has been bugging for several weeks. The reason for my question is simple: it seems that I’m having more difficulty in finding inspiration. I have been active since late April 2014 and published 3,164 blogs, including this one. What happens when has all been said and done?? Actually, I'm a little afraid of that day. Writing has become my meaning...

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The more things change, the more they stay the same

Recently, I noticed the phrase above. It feels counterintuitive because Change changes things, doesn't it?? The answer depends on your (macro) perspective versus your (micro) focus. Change is often in details, like different shapes and forms. Perhaps, the invention of the wheel qualifies as Change. Many people would view the Technological Revolution of 1800-2100 as...

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Several people and/or countries demand reparations for past wrongful acts (eg, climate change, slavery, WWII). In case of countries, these demands often feel like blackmail or extortion. In case of people, these demands often lack causality due to time elapsed (eg, centuries). Moreover, there is an indirect and implicit claim of a collective sin, like the Germans...

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What Have We Learned From the FTX-Binance Debacle? (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: What Have We Learned From the FTX-Binance Debacle? Bloomberg subtitle: Instead of revolutionizing finance, crypto is largely repeating its mistakes. Let the buyer beware. By: the Bloomberg Opinion Editorial Board Date: 10 November 2022 "Cryptocurrencies were supposed to usher in a new and better era of finance. Instead of relying on fragile, stodgy...

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Money does not buy Power

There's a Dutch saying that translates like: a sparrow is a bird but a bird is not a sparrow. I was reminded of that saying when I read the following: "it's easier to turn power into money than it is to turn money into power" (Axios Markets, #1). The best example might be former Chinese tech billionaires (eg, Nikkei) Money is 1 of the 3 belief systems in the Power...

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