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Streaming wars

In the late 1960s, I saw TV for the very first time. Broadcasts were still in black and white. In the late 1980s, Dutch commercial TV stations started (Wiki). The competition between commercial and public broadcasters was tough. Some people predicted that TV was dead when Netflix arrived. Today, the main competition is between fixed-time TV (commercial and public)...

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Philosophy – our most dangerous belief?

According to the Bible, money is the root of all evil (eg, 1 Timothy 6:10). Others would blame religion due to global religious violence (eg, Christian Crusades, Hindu nationalism violence, Reconquista, Shia vs Sunni). Still, politics is another belief responsible for many wars (eg, Russia vs Ukraine). In my view, 5 out of our 7 Belief systems (ie, money, politics,...

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What defines a SuperPower?

Until about a year ago, many articles claimed that China would surpass the USA as an (economic) SuperPower. I never believed those articles. China did and does not meet the SuperPower criteria. Today, many articles assume that USA may not be surpassed. I doubt that too. The Roman Empire was - probably - the first global empire. Alternatively, it was a multi-regional...

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Quantitative easing cost hundreds of billions. Was it worth it? (the Economist)

The Economist title: Quantitative easing cost hundreds of billions. Was it worth it? The Economist subtitle: From London to Tokyo, the bill is falling due Date: 31 July 2023 "In the decade and a half since the global financial crisis, rich-world central banks have bought trillions of dollars’ worth of bonds in an attempt to stimulate their economies. Now the bill is...

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Millionaires leaving home countries

On 14 June 2023, the Henley Private Wealth Migration Report 2023 reported on the global outflow of millionaires and their destinations. The outflow top 4 shows: China, India, Russia and UK. The inflow top 6 shows: Australia, UAE, Singapore, USA, Switzerland and Canada. The reasons for leaving are ancient: (1) government/social stability, (2) taxation and (3)...

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America’s Faustian Pact with runaway debt is coming due (Telegraph)

INTRODUCTION LO: While the article below is correct, it is not complete. Americans believe in lowering taxation and increasing spending (eg, military). Even a child should be able to understand that such a situation is - ultimately - unsustainable. Quite possibly, the American solution is to sacrifice the US$, in the line with this (in)famous, bluntly true 1971...

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