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Russia’s got problems (Axios)

Axios Markets title: Russia's got problems By: Matt Phillips and Emily Peck Date: 25 July 2022 "Sanctions have been effective at crippling the Russian economy. That's the conclusion of a new 118-page paper from Yale's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and 18 co-authors, Axios' Felix Salmon writes. Why it matters: The big question about Russia sanctions is...

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The Evolution of Great Powers (George Friedman)

Introduction LO: In my June 23 blog, Identity vs Power: dialects, I inserted a reference to this GPF article because I came to a similar conclusion: The answer must relate to Identity vs Power. Large countries are often powerful (eg, economic, military). Small countries often lack such power. Technology can, however, create a...

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Will the war with Russia prevent a global recession?

Late 2008, the India-based Economic Times published this article: Is war a solution to global recession? Recently, I had a similar thought; see my blog title above. Mid April 2022, the "veteran investment strategist" David Roche argued on CNBC that this isn’t a recession – it’s a ‘war-cession’. Unless Putin will be assassinated, this conflict is likely to expand...

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Identity vs Power: dialects

The Hague is the Dutch seat of power while Amsterdam is its capitol. The further you move away from The Hague, the more dialect you will hear. First quantity, then intensity. I suppose geographical distance from Power increases the need for Identity. Dialects must be the earliest example of Identity vs Power. Last Thursday evening, I did not understand a local...

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Is Turkey more trouble to NATO than it is worth? (Economist)

The Economist title: Is Turkey more trouble to NATO than it is worth? The Economist subtitle: Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government is the alliance’s loose cannon Date: 16 June 2022 The Economist "The received wisdom is that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has breathed new life, and a new sense of purpose, urgency and unity into nato. Someone forgot to tell Recep...

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Western Europe’s cynicism about Ukrainian suffering (FT)

Introduction LO: Simon Kuper is a great writer and he proves it again, below. This must-read article should make you think (again) about the various European and the American position(s) in this war between Russia and Ukraine. Yesterday, the EU announced its backing of the EU candidate status of Ukraine (and Moldova ! ). Its “assessment [is] based on the...

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