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AI needs embodied cognition??

Intro LO: There are four levels in human consciousness: Unknown unknowns resulting in fantasy (eg, fiction); Known unknowns resulting in beliefs (eg, science-fiction); Unknown knowns resulting in intuition (eg, innovation); Known knowns resulting in knowledge (eg, science, technology) and in tools. The Axios AI+ article below is indeed consistent with “ancient”...

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Nato needs a bland, non-ideological leader. Mark Rutte will be perfect (FT)

Intro LO: Author Simon Kuper writes that Mark Rutte is not a visionary. I'm not so sure about that. Technically, Simon Kuper's remark is valid. However, in my view, Mark Rutte's vision is about (his) Power. That would also explain his role as longest-serving Dutch PM. Quite often, visionaries are about Knowledge. Mark Rutte's main strength is his relentless...

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Exit strategy (2)

I suppose that every commitment has an exit strategy. In Love, it’s called a breakup. In Knowledge, it’s about cancellations of contracts (eg, business, divorce, subscriptions). In Power, it’s about the exit of a member (eg, Brexit, Congress, NATO). Also see part 1 of this blog (2021). The idea for part 2 is the increasing sentiment for ending the (financial and...

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The benefit of the doubt

Everyone understands the meaning of my blog title. Nevertheless, it’s hard to explain the how, what, when, who, and the why. Perhaps, the benefit of the doubt relates to a conflict between consciousness (eg, ratio) and subconscious (eg, emotion). Probably, doubt is settled once a side has “won”. The benefit of the doubt relates to all three domains: Love, Knowledge,...

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The purpose of AI

Recently, an author wrote a remarkable post on LinkedIn: the purpose of AI is Insight, not Power. Clearly, this must be his personal perspective. Everything in life follows these three domains: Love, Knowledge and Power. Insight might be a subdomain of Knowledge. In education and in healthcare, AI is about expanding Knowledge. In business and in the military, AI is...

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Na Rutte, de zondvloed?

Mogelijk vertrekt Mark Rutte al in maart 2024 naar de NAVO als de nieuwe topman. Dit staat in zeer recente artikelen in AD en de Volkskrant, beide gebaseerd op Bloomberg. Zelfs Turkije is al bijna akkoord. Wellicht kan Geert Wilders nog dwars liggen middels nieuwe TK-verkiezingen. Rutte-4 kende al veel vertrokken ministers: Hoekstra, Slaghouwer en Wiersma (NOS)....

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