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The purpose of AI

Recently, an author wrote a remarkable post on LinkedIn: the purpose of AI is Insight, not Power. Clearly, this must be his personal perspective. Everything in life follows these three domains: Love, Knowledge and Power. Insight might be a subdomain of Knowledge. In education and in healthcare, AI is about expanding Knowledge. In business and in the military, AI is...

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Did you ever ask for help?

I remember one instance of asking for help to someone. I did not doubt the answer. I expected a Yes. One instance isn't much in six decades. This blog topic is not about business-related help questions. Those have a joint purpose: finish the job or task. My topic is about personal questions for help. My original blog title was: Why are we afraid of asking for help?...

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Alter ego

Recently, this topic entered my mind. For days, I was clueless. I was - and still am - not even sure that I believe in this philosophical concept. Moreover, I doubt that most people have an alter ego. My personality has facets but has only one ego. Perhaps, the confusion is related to its (original) meaning. Wikipedia on alter ego: “Cicero coined the term as...

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Is happiness and satisfaction an obstacle in life?

Recently, I finished (re-)watching the pilot episode of Ally McBeal, an "American legal comedy drama television series" that aired from 1997 until 2002. That episode finished with some thoughts of Ally that felt like an eye-opener to me. These were her exact words; see transcript: "ALLY: The real truth is, I probably don't want to be too happy or content. Because,...

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How chatbots can make us dumber (Axios)

Introduction LO: Several sites require you to use a chatbot to “communicate” (eg, for cancellation of a subscription). These chatbots work best when you’re “rude” and “simple” by using a single word, like “cancellation”. The more words you use, the less likely it will understand your goal. Entire sentences seem like a nightmare to chatbots. The chatbot will continue...

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Ideology vs reality

There's a Dutch saying that translates like the shore will stop the ship (ie, #16). There's no English equivalent. To some extent, it means that you can only push someone or things so far before they break (eg, source). I was reminded of this saying after reading that the GOP in Alabama ignores court rulings. My blog title has an implicit question: Is reality (eg,...

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