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Bisexuality and trust

Our belief systems are governed by three domains: Love, Knowledge & Power. All three domains have trust issues, like fake news (Knowledge) and lying politicians (Power). The domain that (probably) has most trust issues is Love. How can bisexual people even trust each other?? A 2019 Pew Research Center report appears to confirm those trust issues: Bisexual adults...

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Excess mortality

Late 2021, a member of Dutch Parliament submitted a vote for an inquiry in the prolonged Dutch excess mortality. His motion received the full support of Dutch Parliament (source). Other countries have similar questions, like the UK and USA. So far, nobody has found a satisfactory explanation. Some explanations are more political than scientific. Hence, my adding of...

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Unknown unknowns

Strictly speaking, unknown unknowns are (like) oxymorons because we cannot know the things that we do not know. Human inventions challenge the notion that unknown unknowns could or would even exist. As an individual, I have (very?) many unknown unknowns. Unknown unknowns may, however, not exist when we view (all) humans as a group rather than as aggregated...

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The word chemistry was quite often used during my recent viewing of Hallmark Christmas films; see my related blog. Defining chemistry is as hard as defining love. Both are container terms. The ancient Greek had at least 6 different words for love (eg, Wiki). Chemistry has at least 3 types. My diagram is the result of a conversation. Once again, she has inspired me....

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The power of sex

Recently, Carole Hooven, a Harvard professor of evolutionary biology claimed that ‘It’s obvious that men are much more driven by sex than women’ (El Pais). Obviously (sic!), her claim fits the stereotype: men are dominant and women are passive. It's quite weird that this stereotype still exists. My own experiences do not support her view (above). Generalizing my own...

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Is stupidity the flip side of beliefs?

There is a Dutch saying: "A donkey does not bump into the same stone twice." I didn't see foreign equivalents. An alleged quote by Albert Einstein states: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” The key difference between animals and humans is (not) having beliefs. Recently, I noticed this question: If Humans Are the...

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