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The meaning of Life = living a meaningful life (2)

Early 2016, I wrote my blog: The meaning of Life = living a meaningful life. Also see framework posts. The Scientific American article below claims that "appreciating beauty in the everyday may be just as powerful as a sense of overarching purpose". Its title claims that it's "a new dimension to a meaningful life". The second sentence in their final paragraph is...

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Why continue a war you cannot win?

Allegedly, Putin was convinced that his invading army would be welcomed with flowers by Ukrainian citizens (eg, DailyMail, Yahoo News). Perhaps, some people wanted him to believe that nonsense - deliberately. Some people argue that Putin already lost the war on day 1, like historian Yuval Noah Harari in the Guardian. Why continue something (eg, a war) that you...

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The road to self-love or philautia

Last Thursday morning, Dutch band Rondé was promoting their new single: I'm ready to love myself (see song below). The band's singer was talking about her transformation to self-love (in Greek: philautia). Before, she did not believe in the healing nature of loving yourself. How do you get there? It's important to realise that both love and self-love are output and...

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The 7 elements that define the type of relationship

Last Friday, I had an epiphany. In my 2015 blog, I wrote about the 4 ingredients that constitute a relationship. My 2016 blog added another 3. My 2021 blog was a summary. These 7 ingredients define many (or all) types of relationships: communication, forgiveness, intimacy, respect, togetherness, trust and vulnerability. Any type of relationship starts - and ends -...

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A holistic view on dating

Recently, a former girlfriend made an interesting remark to me: "You have a holistic view on dating." Her actual Dutch words are rather difficult to translate: "Jij zoekt het totaalplaatje." In her view, this explains my disappointments in dating. Her perspective was new to me. I suppose, she might be right though. My (alleged) holistic view includes a focus on...

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What a Fool believes (Doobie Brothers)

What a Fool Believes (1978) by the Doobie Brothers artists, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2 [Verse 1]He came from somewhere back in her long agoThe sentimental fool don't seeTryin' hard to recreateWhat had yet to be created once in her lifeShe musters a smile for his nostalgic taleNever coming near what he wanted to sayOnly...

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