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When to get off on a dead-end street

Several of my blogs stated that life is like a roundabout (eg, 2017 and 2023). Sometimes, its exits are a one-way street (my 2023 blog), or even a dead-end street. Marriages and/or relationships show similar exit features (eg, a break-up or divorce). The main question is: when to get off. The other 5 main questions (ie, How-What-Where-Who-Why) have - usually -...

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Love as a belief and a domain

What is Love?? Ancient Greek philosophy used various words to differentiate between the main conceptual forms of Love, being agápē, érōs, philía, philautía, storgē, and xenía (eg, Wiki). These forms of love relate to our body (ie, érōs), our mind (ie, philía, philautía, storgē, xenía), and our soul (ie, agápē). My concept of...

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Why is Love binary?

Monday last week, Belgian newspaper De Standaard published this Dutch-language article: Why do people often keep an open relationship secret? The article compares the rise in open relationships in the 21st century, with coming out of the closet for gay and lesbian people in the 20th century. Love appears to be binary for c.98% of humans. Hence, we tend to love just...

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Feeling deserted

Recently, Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant featured this column: More and more people are feeling deserted in a certain way. And actually we are indeed. I suppose columnist Danka Stuijver is right. One can feel deserted by many, like family, friends, colleagues, the government or society. Feeling deserted equals feeling a lack of love (max.) or attention (minimum) from...

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Bisexuality and trust

Our belief systems are governed by three domains: Love, Knowledge & Power. All three domains have trust issues, like fake news (Knowledge) and lying politicians (Power). The domain that (probably) has most trust issues is Love. How can bisexual people even trust each other?? A 2019 Pew Research Center report appears to confirm those trust issues: Bisexual adults...

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The people we love the most can hurt us the most

A friend says that she envies me for protecting my heart so well. Indeed, it seems that I'm not hurt by the one(s) whom I love the most. Late 2010, I decided to stop my heart from bleeding by building an imaginary sarcophagus around it. Most of the year, it indeed helps me soldiering on. My friend is slowly copying my solution because she fears that the hurting will...

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