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Definitions: positive, negative, unknown

Our definitions are often positive because we know the how, what, when, where, who and why. Some of our definitions are negative: peace is the absence of war. Sometimes, we do not agree; then our definitions are not universal. Example: what is love? The ancient Greek used at least 6 different words. I suppose a main reason for negative or unknown definitions is our...

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Calculating women vs opportunistic men

There are several topics on my list that have not been used yet as these lacked a broader context. These topics are about female and male behaviour. For a long while, I've viewed men, my gender, as opportunistic. Meanwhile, I struggled finding a similar term for women. In dating, gender differences become transparent. Some women insist on paying 50%. Some women pay...

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Is it possible having no beliefs?

My recent blog on the 7 pillars of Wisdom, including Frans de Waal's comment on my August 4 diagram, has created some turmoil in my mind. In my view, the main difference between animals and humans is having (no) beliefs. In my view, an Awakening is about losing your beliefs. Can we have no beliefs? I consider myself a centrist and a pragmatist using common sense...

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Online Dating Is Great—for Investors. For Customers, It’s Complicated. (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal title: Online Dating Is Great—for Investors. For Customers, It’s Complicated. WSJ subtitle: Apps like Bumble and Tinder are doing booming business. But finding love is never easy, and finding love online comes with its own set of pitfalls. By: Laura Forman Date: 15 July 2022 "Dating used to be about the end result. Its shift to an online business...

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“Are we friends??”

About a week ago, I asked her this question after drinking two bottles of Vedett, a Belgian white beer containing 0,33 liter. As the Latin phrase goes: in vino veritas. She didn't appreciate my question and said it was rhetorical. Indeed it was. At an earlier occasion, I had made a similar observation. Being lovers does not make you friends. Friendship does not need...

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I like being alone but I want someone to be alone with

Recently, a friend said to me that she had heard a quote that I would like as it fits me (see above). She was right. In my view, there's no contradiction in this quote. Others may disagree (eg, 2x alone <> together). I suppose that is why the original quote has an annex at the end: , if that makes sense. The reasoning behind this quote is in another...

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