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Love vs Hate

When to get off on a dead-end street

Several of my blogs stated that life is like a roundabout (eg, 2017 and 2023). Sometimes, its exits are a one-way street (my 2023 blog), or even a dead-end street. Marriages and/or relationships show similar exit features (eg, a break-up or divorce). The main question is: when to get off. The other 5 main questions (ie, How-What-Where-Who-Why) have - usually -...

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When a friendship or a relationship is over, a new type of relation may emerge: the frenemy. Sometimes, it may still look like the friendship - or relationship - it once was. Usually, indifference is leading. The former is a micro example. China and Russia are a macro example; see my 2019 blog. "Frenemy" (also spelled "frienemy") is an oxymoron and...

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The opposite of love is indifference, not hate

Recently, I noticed a quote stating that "The opposite of love is not hate; it’s indifference." This quote is often attributed to Elie Wiesel. Quote Investigator (QI) found an "earliest close match in [] “The Beloved Ego: Foundations of the New Study of the Psyche” by prominent Austrian psychologist Wilhelm Stekel". "There is no love without hate; and there is no...

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Paradise: Love & Hate

Mid December 2012, I flew to Mombasa, Kenya, for a vacation. While in the plane, a woman next to me asked for the reason of my trip. I told her but was curious why she was wanted to know. She asked me if I had seen our fellow passengers. To my surprise, I noticed that they were nearly all senior white males. She told me that Mombasa is a top destination for sex...

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Why do we hate the word must?

Usually a Google search reveals plenty of hits, whether useful or not. My search for "why do we hate the word must" did not give any link. Apparently, people do dislike / hate the word "moist" however. Perhaps, my dislike for the word must is rooted in my character. I am not unique though as I do know other people having a similar dislike. Even in my writing, I...

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Self Forgiveness

It’s hard to forgive. Sometimes because we don’t want to forgive. Perhaps because we prefer to hate. Perhaps because there’s just too much to forgive. Sometimes we want to forgive but we just don’t know how to forgive. There are plenty of reasons for not forgiving others. Forgiving ourselves is even harder. We all make mistakes, big and small. When these mistakes...

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