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I've never written about opportunism, despite mentioning it (eg, my blogs of 2022 and 2016). Opportunism may well explain the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, the Russian analysis of (mutual) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (ie, SWOT) clearly failed (badly). My August blog, Calculating women vs opportunistic men, suggests that opportunism...

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Love, Knowledge & Power, a f/m perspective

Several days ago, Bloomberg reported that men - again - took the bulk of Nobel prizes. This is - again - evidence that men are - in general - hungry for Power. I made a similar observation in my recent blog the power of sex. For a long time, I have been wondering about the Why (eg, anatomy). The Power domain of the 7 Belief systems includes: Data-Info (2019), Money...

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Black vs white vs the many shades of grey

Most people wear either black or white. Only some people wear grey. Grey is often considered a dull colour. It's the same with opinions: most have a micro or a macro focus. Few opinions are in between (ie, gray/grey). Why is grey (eg, colour, opinion) considered as dull? Why don't we like grey? People consider their skin colour as either black or white. However,...

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Shortages everywhere but plenty of opinions

These are weird times. You can feel it (see below). Something is about to change. With the knowledge of hindsight, that change will (undoubtedly) make sense to us. To date, I still cannot grasp the direction of such change. Is it possible that the abundance of opinions is due to that feeling of change? Labour shortages are the talk of the town. These labour...

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What is Power?

Recently, I noticed this question: What is Power? The answer seems obvious but is it really? In the animal world, power is often about physical power or strength. Nevertheless, the big, slow and smart elephants appear powerful (eg, trumpet sounds). Clearly, even a projection of power equals Power. Compared to humans, many animals have more strength (eg, harder,...

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Is the ‘trias politica’ obsolete?

Elected presidents governing by decree, hung parliaments, and courts taking political decisions following (i) their ideological beliefs (eg, SCOTUS), and/or (2) NGO's (eg, NRA, Urgenda verdict). As a result, the executive branch is curbing the power of the judicial branch in several countries (eg, Hungary, Poland, USA). Recently, Noah Feldman, a Harvard law...

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