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Onlangs schreef iemand dat de naam Nieuw Sociaal Contract vervelende associaties opriep. Ze heeft inderdaad gelijk als je de afkorting (NSC) bekijkt. Haar vervolg opmerking begreep ik nog beter: "[ ] een naam zegt juist veel. Moet direct duidelijk zijn waar het voor staat. [] Contract met wat/wie/waarover..". Politiek draait principieel om macht, of om tegenmacht,...

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The strawberry or wimp generation

My earliest reference is from 1993: Is America turning into nation of wimps and crybabies? Two books may have accelerated this topic: The Wimp Factor: Gender Gaps, Holy Wars, and the Politics of Anxious Masculinity (2005) and A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting (2008). Despite many references (eg, PT-2004: A Nation of Wimps), there's no Wikipedia...

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Love as a belief and a domain

What is Love?? Ancient Greek philosophy used various words to differentiate between the main conceptual forms of Love, being agápē, érōs, philía, philautía, storgē, and xenía (eg, Wiki). These forms of love relate to our body (ie, érōs), our mind (ie, philía, philautía, storgē, xenía), and our soul (ie, agápē). My concept of...

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Why is Love binary?

Monday last week, Belgian newspaper De Standaard published this Dutch-language article: Why do people often keep an open relationship secret? The article compares the rise in open relationships in the 21st century, with coming out of the closet for gay and lesbian people in the 20th century. Love appears to be binary for c.98% of humans. Hence, we tend to love just...

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“Why do some men take so long to mature?”

Last week, an online female friend (35) asked me the question above. Immediately, I recognised my new blog title. Actually, I fit her question quite well. It was also the reason why my parents were advised to put me in secondary school (ie, MAVO-4). That started my fighting spirit. Over the years, science stated that brain maturity was different for men (eg, 27) and...

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Nature and God are two sides of the same coin (Spinoza)

The phrase above is from Baruch Spinoza's book Ethics (1677). In the Latin language, it was: "Deus sive Natura". Wiki: "For Spinoza the whole of the natural universe is made of one substance, God, or, what's the same, Nature, and its modifications (modes)." I suppose, this comes close to my views. Big Think, The Well, newsletter 25 April 2023 The...

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