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Father and Son

Father and Son (1975) by Gino Vannelli artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-artist, Wiki-album+song Once in a life there comes a man like youAnd you bear a son so much like yourselfAnd it's hard to believe that he's a grown manBut pop I understand Once every night I thank my lucky starsYou've given me some guiding lightBut there comes a time when...

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When I’m Sixty Four

When I'm Sixty Four (1967) by The Beatles band, lyrics, video, Wiki-band, Wiki-album, Wiki-song [Verse 1]When I get older losing my hairMany years from nowWill you still be sending me a valentineBirthday greetings, bottle of wine?If I'd been out till quarter to threeWould you lock the door?Will you still need me,...

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Come To My Door

Come To My Door (2013) by José James & Emily King José James, Emily King, lyrics, video, Wiki-JJ, Wiki-EK, album+song So long we've been distant nowSince you set out on your ownYou told me you had to find something to believe inNever thought you'd ever leaveBut as you walked out the doorI prayed that you would soon findAll that you...

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The second first chance

Apparently, my blog title is less common than I had assumed (apart from books by Blakely Bennett and Mona Shroff). Usually, this topic is about giving someone a second chance - or taking. Latter has been researched by psychologists, like in The psychology of having a second chance (RUG-2021). Sometimes, a first chance falls through the cracks - for whatever reason....

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The Fog

The fog inside my mind is slowly clearing. This is my first writing since Saturday February 18. That afternoon, I suddenly experienced the well-known asymptomatic Covid symptoms again: dizziness, shivering, and extreme fatigue. Apart from some sandwiches, I haven't eaten due to a lack of appetite. I need a summer breeze in my mind..... Summer Breeze (parts 1 &...

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Life’s too short for conventions

I heard the phrase above in Cold Feet, a long-running comedy series rated 8.2 in IMDb. A granny in a nursing home used it as an excuse to have flirted with other men while still being married. This phrase also applies to other daring activities, like bungee jumping, skydiving and even swinging. Apparently, I'm a conventional guy. Moreover, I doubt that life is (too)...

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