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I know that I know nothing vs everything

The Greek philosopher Socrates (c.470–399 BC) once wrote: "For I was conscious that I knew practically nothing...". Later, Plato changed that into: I know that I know nothing (Wiki). Probably, Artificial Intelligence aims to know (most of) everything. Is it even possible to know everything?? In my view, the expansion of the Universe is related to storing ALL...

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Recently, I had a discussion about a geographical distance. She asked if distance is an obstacle. I replied that distance is not necessarily an obstacle. Obstacles come in many shapes and forms (eg, distance, judging, negativity, pessimism). There’s a famous Henry Ford quote that gives the right angle for this topic: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see...

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Facts, opinions, and (un)learning

For many humans, it's difficult to separate facts from (false) opinions. Moreover, the internet is full of (false) opinions, while it's (probably) the main database for machine learning. Hence, machine unlearning will have - at least - similar challenges as humans, and/but probably much bigger ones. I use doubt to separate facts from (false) opinions. I verify...

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Forgetting and unlearning

Forgetting and unlearning have a close similarity, and also a huge difference. Forgetting is never permanent. Despite actively forgetting someone, our (bad) memories can easily be reactivated. Example: when someone asks you: "How is [xyz]?" Hence, I assume that unlearning is only hypothetical. Recently, Aeon-Psyche published this article: Must you forget to forgive?...

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Humans use teaching as the main method for learning (eg, children, schools). Unlearning may not be possible. To forget what we have learned is not similar to unlearning. Forgetting is temporary; unlearning is permanent. Fear can be used as a (human) tool for “unlearning”. However, sometimes fear triggers temptation in some people. Quite often such people long for...

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AI doesn’t forget, and that’s a problem (Axios)

Axios title: AI doesn't forget, and that's a problem By: Ryan Heath and Ina Fried Date: 16 January 2024 “Users want answers from artificial intelligence, but sometimes they want AI to forget things, too — creating a new category of research known as "machine unlearning,"Axios' Alison Snyder reports. Why it matters: Interest in techniques that can...

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