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Communication vs Language

Demographic extinction versus nationalism

Intro LO: This recent Times article highlights a demographic topic in (very) many countries: declining birth rates that are announcing a declining population (eg, China-FT-2021). South Korea claims it “faces extinction”. That claim makes sense given the numbers in the 3rd paragraph of the article below. The 5th paragraph explains why this demographic issue is (much)...

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Why regulating AI will be difficult — or even impossible (WE)

Intro LO: An interesting and recommended read by an American conservative source. Washington Examiner title: Why regulating AI will be difficult — or even impossible By: Christopher Hutton Date: 20 February 2024 "Efforts to combat artificial intelligence‘s threat to democracy and humanity through regulations and guardrails face a number of legal complications,...

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Forgetting and unlearning

Forgetting and unlearning have a close similarity, and also a huge difference. Forgetting is never permanent. Despite actively forgetting someone, our (bad) memories can easily be reactivated. Example: when someone asks you: "How is [xyz]?" Hence, I assume that unlearning is only hypothetical. Recently, Aeon-Psyche published this article: Must you forget to forgive?...

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Monolingualism and bipartisan politics

My Eureka moment, as mentioned in my Centrism blog, may have arrived. The common ingredient of Anglo-Saxon countries is their English language (eg, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA) . Suddenly, I remembered the articles on monolingualism and intelligence. Some examples on the connection between monolingualism and intelligence: 2009 cognition study: On the...

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History, legends and myths (3)

Planet Earth is c.4.5 billion years old (eg, NatGeo). Earliest lifeforms are c.3.7 billion years old (eg, Smithsonian). The oldest human fossils are some 7 million years old. The oldest human writing is some 5 thousand years old. Temperature recording began less than 400 years ago (eg, NASA). Notwithstanding the above, scientists continue to write about Earth’s...

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How chatbots can make us dumber (Axios)

Introduction LO: Several sites require you to use a chatbot to “communicate” (eg, for cancellation of a subscription). These chatbots work best when you’re “rude” and “simple” by using a single word, like “cancellation”. The more words you use, the less likely it will understand your goal. Entire sentences seem like a nightmare to chatbots. The chatbot will continue...

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