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Know thyself


A recent Psyche article revealed something unexpected: "67 per cent of the men and 25 per cent of the women opted to intentionally shock themselves, rather than spend a short period of time alone with their thoughts." Hence, introspection is far from common (for men). Apparently, I'm an exception. There are two primal emotions in life: Fear and Love (eg, my 2016...

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Needs, Wants, Beliefs, Awakening & Wisdom

Let me start by presenting my current thoughts on today's topic through the diagram below. Please be informed that the contemporary "woke" subculture is part of human Beliefs and not of an Awakening. To a large extent, these two are even each other's opposites. The awareness in "woke" represents a blindness to anything else, which results in (highly) biased...

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Health, Wealth & Self

Last week was a bad week for me. My health suddenly deteriorated, which scared me. My father died in 1994 at the age of almost 62. Slowly, I'm approaching his then-age. I'm eager to outlive him. My symptoms kind of reminded me of his cause of death. It has taken me about a week to recover, which felt long. Yesterday, I've had my first coffee, which still did not...

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The more you know yourself, the shorter your relationships

Following her questions about (my) relationships, I suddenly received a weird thought: the more you know yourself, the shorter your relationships. Actually, this line summarizes my relationship history rather well: from very long to very short. She acknowledged that my thought also applied to her situation. I'm far from sure that my blog title will also apply to...

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Our body is a network and so is everything else

Mid April 2018, I wrote my blog Know thyself a.k.a. Who am I? Its first paragraph wonders how 37.2 trillion cells can view themselves as "one". A recent Aeon article - You are a network - sheds some light on this discrepancy and on my implicit question. The article's subtitle reads as follows: "You cannot be reduced to a body, a mind or a particular social role. An...

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Decline is invisible from the inside

As a Dutchman, it's hard viewing Europe as an entity, if only following the 24 different languages. Europe is a geographical location. Many people view and/or treat the European Union as a Federation, like USA, which it is not. The European Union only exists through its many multilateral treaties. Being on the inside of Europe, makes it hard viewing...

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