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Black vs white vs the many shades of grey

Most people wear either black or white. Only some people wear grey. Grey is often considered a dull colour. It's the same with opinions: most have a micro or a macro focus. Few opinions are in between (ie, gray/grey). Why is grey (eg, colour, opinion) considered as dull? Why don't we like grey? People consider their skin colour as either black or white. However,...

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The Good Karma Hospital (Amazon)

Several months ago, I watched The Good Karma Hospital, rated #7.8 at IMDb, on Amazon Prime Video. The filming location is superb, although sources differ on its location: either a fictional town (Barco) in the area of Kerala in south-west India (eg, Express), or Unawatuna in southern Sri Lanka (eg, RadioTimes, Wiki). Actually, the filming location reminds me of...

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From “are you being served?” to “will you be served?”

A random Dutch radio news message: police retirement will outpace police recruitment in the forthcoming years, which will result in police shortages. You can hear/read similar messages about nurses, plumbers, teachers etc. The (predicted) impact of a graying population is - finally - becoming noticeable. My blog's title is a reference to the 1972-1985 British comedy...

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Thinking of a place

Monday evening, I started watching an Owen Wilson film on Amazon Prime Video, called Bliss. I like watching Owen Wilson films. He's funny. After some 10-15 minutes I stopped watching. The start of this film is boring and depressing. Usually, the start of a film is foretelling. Hence, the low 5.3 rating on IMDb, I presume. Owen Wilson was sketching...

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Exactly eight years ago, I went to Mombasa. This time alone. I was reluctant to go. I felt that something bad or at least important would happen during my trip. However, my trip seemed better for all people concerned. I suppose that I accepted my fate of what was going to happen. When entering the Arrivals hall, nobody was waiting for me. I made three rounds, while...

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Black Man in a White World

I am fortunate not being a black man in white America. Actually, I'm also glad not being a white man living in USA. At times, European (white) privileges have its advantages. Racism is deeply ingrained in any society. Racism is not always related to skin colour. Sometimes, it's tribal (eg, Kikuyu versus other Kenyan tribes). In many...

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