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Under Xi Jinping, Women in China Have Given Up Gains (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal title: Under Xi Jinping, Women in China Have Given Up Gains WSJ subtitle: Women’s labor-force participation has fallen since Xi took power, and China has dropped 33 places in a global gender-gap report By: Shen Lu Date: 9 November 2022 "In China’s state-media narrative, the Communist Party can pride itself on “historic achievements” on women’s...

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Relevance vs irrelevance

Things that are relevant today may be irrelevant "tomorrow". The longer our perspective, the more things become irrelevant. Still, Time is only a marker - not a driver - of Change (eg, history, When). If most things are ultimately irrelevant then What is - or should be - relevant to us? And Why do relevance and irrelevance matter so much to us? I suppose that the...

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The power of sex

Recently, Carole Hooven, a Harvard professor of evolutionary biology claimed that ‘It’s obvious that men are much more driven by sex than women’ (El Pais). Obviously (sic!), her claim fits the stereotype: men are dominant and women are passive. It's quite weird that this stereotype still exists. My own experiences do not support her view (above). Generalizing my own...

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Why is bigger better?

My question may trigger a negative response (eg, "not true"). Nevertheless, one can only conclude that we - at the very least subconsciously - must believe in bigger = better. I do not but I'm an exception, along with 15% of the world population. About 85% live in urban areas. My village (c.2,000 people) offers at least something: an elementary school, bars,...

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Private Equity is buying stakes in audit firms

Dutch Private Equity (PE) firm Waterland, ranked #1 in Europe and #2 worldwide, is buying stakes in medium-sized audit firms. PE firms are not philanthropists. They care about an exit within a "few" years. It's hard to see that exit unless a major change in audit legislation will occur, which is not imaginary. A recent interview in the Dutch Financial Times claimed...

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Depression is not a chemical imbalance in the brain.

On 21 May 2013, at about 4PM, it felt as if someone pushed a button at the back of my head during a meeting at work. My body then refused to follow my brain's instructions. Anything not work-related was not a problem (eg, driving home). After listening to my story, my doctor did not prescribe medication. On 20 July 2022, University College London published a "major...

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