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The fallacy of control (3)

A friend sent me a comment on my recent blog The fallacy of control (2). She said that it lacked a connection with acceptance (my blogs). I agree. Hence, I've made some minor amendments to my 2017 diagram on Change to reflect how (not) being in control and acceptance are related. Not accepting Change may easily result in being / feeling out of control. Indeed,...

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The mix is far more important than the ingredients

Last Tuesday, I was fooling around with my Apple TV+ subscription. It features a soccer related comedy series called Ted Lasso. I was flabbergasted noticing its 8.7 rating in IMDb, which is already very high for a TV series and exceptionally high for a comedy. The mix in this series is superb while the ingredients are rather simple. The same applies to the homicide...

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Confident humility

Last Wednesday, I had a telephone call in which I was reminded of a subject that had once crossed my mind and then had escaped me. I was unable to remember it - until now. In Dutch, I call it the big vs small principle. It took me a while to find an English equivalent: confident humility (eg, Buffer, Medium). Its opposite might be something like pompous...

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Why does asking the right question bring its answer?

There's a Dutch saying that apparently has no English equivalent: "de vraag stellen is hem beantwoorden". In English, this would translate like: "asking a question is answering it". Many people will have once experienced this strange phenomenon. I think, feel and believe it only applies to asking the right question. A wrong question seldom gives a right...

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No More Fear of Dying

Several years ago, my then neighbour (1920) started complaining about her high age. I was curious why because she was still quite healthy in my view. She explained to me that most of her peers had already died. She was becoming the sole survivor of her generation. Living was no longer fun. She said she preferred death. Her remarks have never left me. My father...

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Interracial relationships

My first girlfriend was a Dutch-Indonesian girl from my birthplace. Many afternoons, I watched her bicycling home, while I was studying upstairs. In my memories, she had "raven hair and ruby lips". It took me a while to get acquainted to her. Her younger brother was always trailing her. Things got easier when I noticed her walking the dog (alone), behind my parents'...

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