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Why Bill Gates and not China?

There's a question that keeps bugging me: why do some people believe that Bill Gates is guilty of spreading the coronavirus rather than China? Let me be very clear: I do not believe that China intentionally spread the virus (ie, my May 8 blog). If anything, it was a blunder at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and a subsequent Chinese cover-up of that blunder....

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Types of Knowledge vs Emotion and Ratio (2)

My draft blog on the Types of Knowledge vs Emotion and Ratio received several remarks on my plotting of Beliefs. These remarks were anticipated and fully in line with my own thinking and wondering. Why is a Belief system, and in particular Religion, low on Emotion and high on Ratio? The ultimate criterion for any Belief system, including...

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Love, the selfless belief (1)

Early 2015, I completed my concept of the 7 Belief systems by adding Love as a 7th belief system. Three of these 7 beliefs belong to its Knowledge dimension (ie, Philosophy, Science and the Truth) and 3 belong to its Power dimension (ie, Money, Politics, Religion). The 7th belief system - Love - is however linked to both dimensions through...

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I am grateful for my girlfriend's (dual) recovery within 10 days. I am less confused now as I am slowly understanding the message of 8 June 2016 and 2017. It's a hard one which I’m still chewing on. Joan’s death has affected me more than I realised. It triggered something unfamiliar. My friend’s (dual) admittance to the hospital’s emergency room, reactivated that...

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You Me Her

Since 10 February 2017, I'm watching a new Netflix series: You Me Her (IMDb). It's a tragicomedy with a fascinating topic that is appealing to our sexual fantasies. A three-way romantic relationship has always been popular in movies and on TV (eg, Threesome 1984, Threesome 1994, Threesome 2011). Once you read about real life experiences, you know it's a...

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Racial superiority – a philosophical Belief system

The former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, is in serious trouble after an interview with BBC Radio London in which he defended a suspended Labour MP for her anti-semitic FB posts (BBC). In that interview, Mr Livingstone claimed that "Hitler had supported Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing 6 million Jews” (Guardian). Mr Livingston denies being...

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