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Vaccine mandates vs labour shortages

CNN, 31 October: "American Airlines canceled another 634 flights on Sunday, more than 12% of its total operations for the day, the company said Sunday. The airline has now canceled more than 1,500 flights since Friday, as it deals with weather issues and staffing shortages that started last week." Some media claim that vaccine mandates are causing those staffing...

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China Has Started Making the Same Mistakes as the Soviets (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: China Has Started Making the Same Mistakes as the SovietsBloomberg subtitle: Fomenting a nuclear arms race, pursuing “wolf warrior” diplomacy and pushing your enemies together are all good ways to lose a cold war. By: Hal BrandsDate: 27 October 2021 "It’s boom time for historical analogies in America’s China policy. Beijing’s...

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USA embaces MMT. What could go wrong?

Former US president Obama is the first modern Democrat who left huge deficits. He had an excuse. Before Obama, Democrats were often the ones cleaning up the financial mess left by Republicans (eg, Bush tax cuts). Today, both parties believe in the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which argues that government budget deficits are solved by printing new money. Printing...

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Divide and conquer (Reuters BreakingViews)

Reuters BreakingViews title: Divide and conquer  By: Pete Sweeney Date: 29 June 2020 "Beijing may overtake the White House in the race to annoy the most trading partners at once. China has added fresh spats with India and Japan to its lengthening list of bilateral brawls. The People’s Republic may believe opponents remain too divided to push back. It’s a...

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Senicide (4): how much is a human life worth?

The Hippocratic Oath requires doctors to do their utmost to save human lives, without doing harm to their patients. Latter addition "is believed to date from the 17th century" (Wiki). Governmental budgets define how much money we are willing to spend on our healthcare system. Hence, some countries have a fragile system, while others have an abundant...

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Coupling-decoupling: China (7)

There have been various articles claiming a decoupling between China and USA. Some articles dispute that decoupling. Late 2019, the former head of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce claimed that such a decoupling is "unthinkable" (SCMP). Remarkably, the Chinese Belt and Silk Road initiative is rarely seen as an example of coupling. From a timing perspective,...

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