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Drivers of Change: a 2022 update

Several of my blogs have mentioned the drivers of Change, which govern everything around us. Late April 2018, I published my initial blog Drivers of Change, which included a rather complex diagram. I suppose I was still arranging my thoughts. Today, I present a much simpler diagram. Perhaps, the single most important item in my diagram is the Blueprint of our...

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Study challenges evolutionary theory that DNA mutations are random

Introduction LO: I've written several blogs about the existence of a blueprint in evolution, nature and life. Hence, this UC Davis study and Phys article came as a welcome gift. I'm still waiting for a study that shows that this non-randomness of DNA mutations is caused by a blueprint as carried by viruses. This should only be a matter of time given that biologists...

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Supernovae and life on Earth appear closely connected (Phys)

Phys title: Supernovae and life on Earth appear closely connectedBy: Technical University of DenmarkDate: 6 January 2022 "A remarkable link between the number of nearby exploding stars, called supernovae, and life on Earth has been discovered. Evidence demonstrates a close connection between the fraction of organic matter buried in sediments and changes in...

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Common sense, ignorance, stupidity and wisdom

For some months, I've been struggling in my mind how to connect four (4) seemingly different concepts: common sense, ignorance, stupidity, and wisdom. Recently, a conversation and discussion with a new friend offered some relief. She is still digesting the results of our conversation. In my view, stupidity is a partial blind spot in our brain (eg, my 2021 blog,...

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Interconnectedness (4)

My recent blog, the connection that men and women are looking for, made me wonder about connections (eg, how, what). In my view, everything is connected; a.k.a. interconnectedness. A micro perspective may refer to the Third Law of Motion by Isaac Newton: "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" (source). A macro perspective on interconnectedness...

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The connection that men and women are looking for

Many female dating profiles state that they are looking for a 'connection'. This might just be the latest buzzword following 'soulmate'. Many women complain that men are just looking for a physical connection (ie, sex). A Dutch website argues that this female connection is related to a spiritual awakening. In my view, life and nature show three collective...

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