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Why a negative mindset?

Yesterday’s blog wondered about the why of a negative mindset. My preliminary thoughts suppose that our beliefs should be the explanation. In my view, human beliefs separate us from all other lifeforms. All lifeforms have needs (eg, food, water). Several lifeforms (ie, animals, humans) have wants (eg, birds cracking nuts). Some animals (eg, elephants, orcas) show...

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Apple cancels its autonomous electric car project

Intro LO: Apple’s decision (to cancel its autonomous electric car project) may well be far more important than it looks like. Probably, it will also imply that Tesla will never be able to deliver on its many (similar) promises. Once that thought sinks in, Tesla’s share price will sink further. Autonomous driving has five (or six) levels (source): Level 0: no Driving...

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AI trust issues (Axios)

Intro LO: Trust issues are probably the most fundamental issues between humans, and also in primates like chimpanzees. Hence, trust issues in artificial intelligence (AI) make perfect sense. Moreover, the word intelligence in AI is utterly misleading. Hence, articles about Artificial Idiocy. Also see my related 2023 blog. Artificial "intelligence" is based on human...

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AI economics

In 1987, American economist and Nobel laureate Robert Solow expressed the thinking of many: "You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics". Now, there's a similar question on artificial intelligence: "is 2024 going to be more like 1987 or more like 1995?" (Axios) Axios Macro: "In the 1990s and early 2000s, a revolution in...

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Monolingualism and bipartisan politics

My Eureka moment, as mentioned in my Centrism blog, may have arrived. The common ingredient of Anglo-Saxon countries is their English language (eg, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA) . Suddenly, I remembered the articles on monolingualism and intelligence. Some examples on the connection between monolingualism and intelligence: 2009 cognition study: On the...

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Technology: a human tool but for how long?

The ongoing intense discussions on the threats of Artificial Intelligent robotics made me recently wonder the following question: is it even possible that technology will - once - no longer be a human tool? In such a situation, the human species might become the tool of Technology. Human movies already "answered" my question. The 1984 film The Terminator features...

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