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Take care of your thoughts when you are alone

This week, I noticed a disturbing status update. I did not immediately know how to respond. Several hours later, I noticed an (unknown) quote, which I sent to her: "Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, and take care of your words when you are with people." She appreciated my gesture. Some attribute the quote above to Lorde but it appears to paraphrase...

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Last Friday, an ex-girlfriend replied to my Al Capone's kindness for weakness quote by stating: "I understand but you're soooooooo sensitive". She is right. Even my Chinese Western zodiac claims that in its 5th and last paragraph. I always wonder whether my sensitivity is a strength, a weakness or both. Given the triangle of personality, attitude & behaviour, I...

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Dutch PM: “What more can I do??”

At last Friday's press conference, the Dutch PM asked his citizens: "What more can I do??" His pathetic remark triggered me to prepare a response. I've little to no confidence that it will change anything. I do hope that my response will embolden my readers into thinking: "Yesssss, I'm not alone in my view". Please find below my alternative plan for a Covid-19...

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The Flow: individual and collective

While editing my July 1 blog, I discovered the flow model by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It combines several of my topics: Boredom, Control, Doubt (worry), Fear (anxiety), and Flow. Arousal is covered by my blogs on Love and on lust. Relaxation is covered in my blogs on happiness & satisfaction, and confident humility. Until my July 1 blog, I had never written...

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Divine intervention

Mahatma Gandhi once stated: "God has no religion". I couldn't agree more. The notion that there would be more than one deity is preposterous. I'm not sure that my omnism qualifies as being religious. I have faith though, lots of it. I believe there's a force of Good and a force of Evil. Our consciousness and/or our Soul connect us to those forces. I...

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Unknown unknowns – dreams

Unknown unknowns – dreams

In my 12 March 2015 blog I introduced the terms (un)known (un)knowns which terms I borrowed from Nassim Nicholas Taleb's 2001 book 'Fooled By Randomness' (PDF). I used these terms to explain the differences between human and artificial intelligence. See graphic below. Initially, artificial intelligence (AI) only covered the area of 'known knowns' (facts). Nowadays...

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