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Ingredients vs mix

Happiness, satisfaction & love: micro vs macro

Happiness and satisfaction are essential in our lives. Add love and our life is complete. See my related blogs. Is the opposite also true? Dissatisfaction and unhappiness are key ingredients for a burnout. Today's societies seem governed by dissatisfaction, unhappiness & hate. What does that imply? For years, I've viewed (dis)satisfaction and (un)happiness at a...

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The lesser of two evils principle

Aristotle (384-322 BC) wrote the following in his book Nicomachean Ethics: "For the lesser evil can be seen in comparison with the greater evil as a good, since this lesser evil is preferable to the greater one, and whatever preferable is good" (Wiki). Fast-forward: if Russia is the greater evil, does that make Ukraine good? I've been carefully avoiding this topic...

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Is modern life organised to prevent us from thinking?

My May 27 blog, Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, touched upon a topic that has been on my mind recently - and the mind of others (eg, NRC, The Times). These others focus on the How and What, while I focus on the Why. The quote below provides an interesting start for this topic: "Spend enough time trying to have ideas and you realise that modern life is...

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The 7 elements that define the type of relationship

Last Friday, I had an epiphany. In my 2015 blog, I wrote about the 4 ingredients that constitute a relationship. My 2016 blog added another 3. My 2021 blog was a summary. These 7 ingredients define many (or all) types of relationships: communication, forgiveness, intimacy, respect, togetherness, trust and vulnerability. Any type of relationship starts - and ends -...

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The oxymoron of government innovation

Several governments are busy reigning in the power of private businesses. On July 5, Bloomberg claimed that "[] what’s clear is that Beijing is looking for a way to control data collected by private companies, and is willing to shut them down if necessary." The Bloomberg article added an interesting line: "China still hasn’t figured out exactly how that...

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The AND/OR dilemma (2)

In August 2015, I wrote part one of this blog. It was probably my first blog about dualism (my blogs) without even realising this. Much later, I wrote two blogs on the same topic and/but from a different perspective: Why life is (not) digital (my blogs of 2017 and 2021). Often, we view Life as a choice between alternatives or ingredients. Rarely, we view Life as a...

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