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Ingredients vs mix

The oxymoron of government innovation

Several governments are busy reigning in the power of private businesses. On July 5, Bloomberg claimed that "[] what’s clear is that Beijing is looking for a way to control data collected by private companies, and is willing to shut them down if necessary." The Bloomberg article added an interesting line: "China still hasn’t figured out exactly how that...

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The AND/OR dilemma (2)

In August 2015, I wrote part one of this blog. It was probably my first blog about dualism (my blogs) without even realising this. Much later, I wrote two blogs on the same topic and/but from a different perspective: Why life is (not) digital (my blogs of 2017 and 2021). Often, we view Life as a choice between alternatives or ingredients. Rarely, we view Life as a...

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Ted Lasso: Forrest Gump meets Jerry Maguire

For those who are still unaware: Ted Lasso is a superb comedy on Apple TV+ and rated 8.7 on IMDb. To some extent, the main character borrows from the feel-good movies Forrest Gump (1994, IMDb) and Jerry Maguire (1996, IMDb). Ted Lasso is heart-breaking, hilarious, sexy and vulnerable. While the mix is superb, the ingredients are simple. Ted Lasso is an American...

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The mix is far more important than the ingredients

Last Tuesday, I was fooling around with my Apple TV+ subscription. It features a soccer related comedy series called Ted Lasso. I was flabbergasted noticing its 8.7 rating in IMDb, which is already very high for a TV series and exceptionally high for a comedy. The mix in this series is superb while the ingredients are rather simple. The same applies to the homicide...

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Ai No Corona

Ai No Corona

To date, the coronavirus has killed 3 Dutch men (ie, 86, 86, 82) and 1 woman (78). Women are much less likely to be hit by this virus, for reasons still unknown. Recently, I have been joking that this virus might be a divorced female with a vengeance. Considering the number of Trump's divorces, his age, and his disbelief in the virus, something must be happening...

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Theory of Everything

While cleaning my email box, I noticed a recent Economist article about a Theory of Everything, albeit for economists only. It reminded me of my own ambition to come up with such a theory. I still remember a brief moment several years ago, when I suddenly saw the interconnectedness of everything in my mind. During my cleaning, I also noticed a recent...

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