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Love, Knowledge & Power and zero-sum

My Thursday night was restless due to the upcoming full moon of 16 May. My mind kept wondering about zero-sum outcomes within the Love, Knowledge & Power domains of the 7 Belief systems. The Power domain always has a zero-sum outcome: one man's loss is another man's gain. How about the other two? The Love domain has various outcomes. For some, there is synergy...

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Knowledge and its self-imposed limitations

A recent Dutch Financial Times article featured an interview with British philosopher Anthony Grayling. The article's title is a reply to a question by the interviewer: "Limitations to our knowledge? That's an absurd question." From a philosophical point of view, Mr. Grayling might be right although infinity may not exist. The interviewer may have referred to...

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Why would the Universe be unlimited?

In our life, everything is limited in size. Why would the Universe then be unlimited? This thought occurred to me following a recent Nautilus article: Is the Universe Open-Ended? An alleged Albert Einstein quote reveals similar doubt: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” Perhaps, there's an exception to...

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Awakening vs Beliefs – why people are so stupid

Last week's blogs gave several reasons for human stupidity: (lack of) curiosity, complacency, monism / Power, arrogance & ignorance, and (lack of) morality. I considered writing a blog on narrow mindedness as yet another reason for human stupidity. Then a thought struck me: what do all of these reasons have in common? The answer is Beliefs (my blogs). There...

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Why are there (no) boundaries in human thinking?

Why are there (no) boundaries in human thinking?

My recent blog on Admiration caused a discussion on why we love someone else. It's genuinely difficult to give an answer. It's not about reproduction as you don't actually need Love for that. Hence, it's not surprising that there is no clear definition for Love (eg, Wiki). The same issue applies to concepts like friendship (my 2016 blog) and the Universe. The...

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