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More information = more focus = less knowledge = less common sense

Each day, I receive some 150 newsletters from various backgrounds. I scan all topics and read several articles. There’s a considerable overlap in their topics, which allows me to create some efficiencies. Some articles look promising initially, but are not. The opposite also happens. I’ve plenty of time, being without a paid job. I use that time to read, think and...

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Idiocracy (6): New Zealand

Introduction LO: New Zealand has a population of about 5.129.000 people and has faced 26 deaths due to Covid-19. They are well below the cumulative international average mortality rates of 0.2% to 0.3%. Else, they would have had 10,000 to 15,000 fatalities. The above suggests the following:- the % of asymptomatic virus carriers in New Zealand is much higher than...

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Common sense is not for the common man (2)

Early 2015, I published my blog: Common sense is not for the common man. In 2021, its title seems more relevant than ever before. I was reminded of my 2015 blog following a sentence in someone else's blog post: "There seems to be nobody with common sense in governments anymore." While I seldom agree with this writer, I do agree with this observation. From 2018 to...

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Idiocracy (5)

Monday last week, I noticed an article in the Dutch Telegraph: Experts want more clarity about corona policy asap - you cannot continue forever with harmful measures. I had assumed that the economy would have won from healthcare by now. I was wrong. Various - if not many - governments are starting to double down on their harmful measures. My diagram below...

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Idiocracy (4)

The recent interview with Gad Saad in the Dutch Financial Times made me realize that "our era of stupidity", which seems to be culminating into an idiocracy (my blogs), mostly relates to the Truth (my blogs) rather than any other of the 7 Belief systems (2015 version, 2019 update). Please take a look at my diagram. My diagram above connects several of my blogs:- the...

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Why some of the smartest people can be so very stupid (Psyche)

Introduction LO: This article solves a dilemma in the back of my mind. I have written a lot about human stupidity (my blogs) but I've always refrained from defining stupidity, for some unknown reason. Subconsciously, I must have realised that 'stupidity is a very specific cognitive failing'. Stupidity never defines an entire person. You can be overall intelligent...

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