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Ideology vs pragmatism

From Hanseatic League to ‘Friend-Shoring’

On 13 July 2022, the FT published this opinion article: No, the global economy is not breaking into geopolitical blocs. Since 2015, I have been arguing that the world is heading for global city-states and a new Hanseatic League. Terms like 'Friend-Shoring' and 'geopolitical blocs' are - essentially - similar. "US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has proposed...

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Is the ‘trias politica’ obsolete?

Elected presidents governing by decree, hung parliaments, and courts taking political decisions following (i) their ideological beliefs (eg, SCOTUS), and/or (2) NGO's (eg, NRA, Urgenda verdict). As a result, the executive branch is curbing the power of the judicial branch in several countries (eg, Hungary, Poland, USA). Recently, Noah Feldman, a Harvard law...

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Was the Urgenda verdict a miscarriage of justice?

In 2022, several countries are starting up coal-fired power stations due to the decreasing export of Russian gas and despite the 2019 Urgenda verdict. That verdict ignored geopolitical tensions and viewed climate change as a national issue. Hence, was the Urgenda verdict a miscarriage of justice? It’s an example of "what can go wrong, will go wrong", similar to...

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Will the war with Russia prevent a global recession?

Late 2008, the India-based Economic Times published this article: Is war a solution to global recession? Recently, I had a similar thought; see my blog title above. Mid April 2022, the "veteran investment strategist" David Roche argued on CNBC that this isn’t a recession – it’s a ‘war-cession’. Unless Putin will be assassinated, this conflict is likely to expand...

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Loyalty, fidelity and principles

Last Monday, my local friend had another suggestion: fidelity (eg, principles, wife). I asked if he meant loyalty. He acknowledged but stated that the scope is up to me. My initial reply to him was that dogs are loyal while humans are not (eg, Quora). My reply expressed cynicism following my personal experiences. A few months ago, I mentioned loyalty in my blog: The...

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Fact check: did universal health care prevent corona deaths?

Introduction LO: The Netherlands has Universal Health Care. USA does not. Hence, a comparison makes sense. Dimensions: Population:Cumulative deaths:in % of population:savings claim in article:claim in % of population:revised mortality % US of America: 330 million1 million0.3%300,000+0.09%< 0.21% The Netherlands: 17.6 million40,0000.23% About half of the Covid-19...

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