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Identity vs Power

Etnisch profileren vs risico management 

Amnesty International komt bijna dagelijks met een radio commercial waarin wordt beweerd dat etnisch profileren altijd fout is. Aangezien iedereen deel is van een etnische groep, stelt Amnesty eigenlijk dat profileren altijd fout is. Elke organisatie (incl. Amnesty) doet echter aan profileren. "Het doel van cliëntonderzoek is dat de instelling weet met wie zij zaken...

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Analysis: Xi reprimanded by elders at Beidaihe over direction of nation (Nikkei)

Nikkei Asia title: Analysis: Xi reprimanded by elders at Beidaihe over direction of nation Nikkei subtitle: G20 absence hints at turmoil in Chinese domestic politics By: KATSUJI NAKAZAWA, Nikkei senior staff writerDate: 5 September 2023 "There are signs of turmoil in Chinese domestic politics. On Monday, it was announced that President Xi Jinping will not attend an...

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LGBT is <4% of population

According to research, some 3.5% of the American people quality as lesbian, gay or bisexual, and an additional 0.2% as transgender (Williams Institute-2011). In total less than 4%. Nevertheless, many news items are about the sexual identity of this small minority. Why?? It's safe to say that sex sells, a phrase that was once used for sex in advertising and later for...

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Loud minorities vs silent majority

I'm a white heterosexual male of 62 years and am happy and satisfied with my identity. Perhaps, I belong to the silent majority, which I doubt. Quite often, my opinions differ from the silent majority - let alone the loud minorities. I suppose (my) centrism is the root cause for understanding both views. Understanding someone's view does not imply appreciation. I...

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Taiwan: identity vs Power

Early December 2022, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC announced to increase its investment in an American Arizona plant from US$ 12 billion to US$ 40 billion (eg, Market Watch, Reuters, TSMC), "one of the largest foreign direct investments in the history of the United States." While this story is a success for American reshoring efforts, it will also...

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Identity vs Power: dialects

The Hague is the Dutch seat of power while Amsterdam is its capitol. The further you move away from The Hague, the more dialect you will hear. First quantity, then intensity. I suppose geographical distance from Power increases the need for Identity. Dialects must be the earliest example of Identity vs Power. Last Thursday evening, I did not understand a local...

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