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The Great Reset

For some time, I've noticed the term "The Great Reset" and the name "Klaus Schwab" on social media and in emails. Both were unfamiliar to me. There is a clear political divide on The Great Reset: conservative media refer to its socialist agenda, while liberal media refer to sustainability and poverty. Conspiracy sites claim it's about an imminent coup (d'etat). In...

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The Kominsky Method (Netflix)

Last Friday, I started watching the Netflix series The Kominsky Method (8.2 in IMDb). I had ignored this series as I didn't expect that this kind of comedy-drama would be funny. Earlier, I made the same huge mistake with another Netflix series: Grace and Frankie (8.3 in IMDb, also see my blogs of 2016 and 2017). Why is The Kominsky Method a...

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After Life (Netflix)

After Life is a Netflix series which I have watched twice now. Probably, I'll watch it a 3rd time. Its high 8.5 IMDb rating is only one of the explanations. Actually, I never really liked the main actor, Ricky Gervais, until now. In this series, his (character's) sarcasm fits a purpose. It's his way to cope with his wife's death. There's a lot of...

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The Orville

One or two months ago, Comedy Central started broadcasting a trailer of their comedy / sci-fi show called The Orville. That trailer was very funny and my curiosity was aroused. While checking IMDb, I was flabbergasted to see an 8.1 rating (now: 8.0). Even good comedies, often have a (much) lower rating. The Orville's rating is, however, well-deserved. I have...

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The free and independent press (2)

On June 10, the "New York Times [] decided to end its political cartoons altogether after the backlash over an anti-Semitic cartoon it published in its international edition" (WE). On June 11, I cancelled my recent NYT basic subscription over that decision, while arguing that "U.S. political correctness is going into absurd directions" and that "humour is essential...

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Political correctness and our sense of humour

Recently, I noticed a lot of negative criticism regarding the new Netflix show Insatiable (IMDb). The sheer volume of negativity made me curious. Hence, I watched the 1st episode of this hilarious Netflix satire. Insatiable is about black, over-the-top, and politically incorrect humour. Its political incorrectness made me wonder about the impact on our sense of...

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