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Wednesday Addams (Netflix)

Wednesday 23 November was the Netflix release of Wednesday, the daughter of the Addams Family. The trailer was already hilarious. The rest of this TV show exceeded my expectations. Hence, I gave Wednesday a 10 on IMDb; its current average is #8.5. The lead actress, Jenna Ortega, is superb. Wednesday combines several ingredients in a splendid mix: humour, drama,...

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Hallmark Christmas films

I've been watching Hallmark Christmas films again on Amazon Prime Video. Yes, these films are entirely predictable. Yes, some actors are out of their depth. Nevertheless, I love watching those scenic locations (eg, countryside, snowy mountains), and their cosy, farm, and/or majestic houses. Hallmark films usually show rural America which is indeed quite different...

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Preaching to the converted

There are three kinds of people: (1) the ones preaching tolerance, (2) the ones preaching intolerance, and (3) the ones struggling where tolerance ends and intolerance starts. In my view, groups 1+2 are false prophets (eg, my 2016 blog) because their deeds tend to be inconsistent with their words. Prior to the 2016 US elections, Trump claimed that those elections...

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Is ‘false knowledge’ an oxymoron?

Recently, a friend sent me a quote by George Bernard Shaw (see image below). That quote puzzled me. Something felt wrong. Then I realized it's an oxymoron: "a figure of speech that juxtaposes concepts with opposing meanings within a word or phrase that creates an ostensible self-contradiction." source Snopes and Quote Investigator both confirm that George Bernard...

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Why is humour a taboo?

Last week, there was a row in my country due to a remark in a talk show. An old guy thought he was funny and made a rude joke. Other people felt offended. I ignore all these talk shows as any publicity is good publicity for them. The Dutch Justice Department wants to investigate if something happened 50 years ago. This Dutch row reminds me that several actors and/or...

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The Great Reset

For some time, I've noticed the term "The Great Reset" and the name "Klaus Schwab" on social media and in emails. Both were unfamiliar to me. There is a clear political divide on The Great Reset: conservative media refer to its socialist agenda, while liberal media refer to sustainability and poverty. Conspiracy sites claim it's about an imminent coup (d'etat). In...

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