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How to deal with a liar

Over the years, my solution how to deal with liars has changed. When is was young(er), I confronted and engaged with them. That approach rarely brings results, apart from denial and more lies. Today, I avoid liars. Sometimes, avoidance is difficult (eg, family). Hence, this blog: how to deal with a liar. My former approach was emotional (ie, confronting, engaging)....

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“Life is not easy, faith and hope keeps me going”

Last Tuesday, an old friend said the following in our conversation: "life is not easy, faith and hope keeps me going". I suppose her words contain universal wisdom. Her words (also) relate to 1 Corinthians 13-13: "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." Got Questions states the following conclusion on the difference...

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Do we fear to embrace Hope?

A macro perspective will teach us that "life is better today than it has ever been before" (eg, Steven Pinker-2018). A micro focus will teach us that our life is governed by a polycrisis (eg, Bloomberg-2022). When both views are valid then why do most people make a choice for the micro view? Hence, my question: do we fear to embrace Hope? Something similar...

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How long can this go on?

Today, it's a year ago that Russia invaded Ukraine. It was supposed to be a (very) quick victory; in weeks rather than months. Russia even expected the Ukrainian population to welcome their soldiers. Today, about 97% of the Russian army is in Ukraine and is still struggling to advance (eg, BBC, WSJ). I'm not impartial. I don't even believe in neutrality in this...

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The silo mentality in scientific articles

Last week, I noticed a Big Think article: Why are flood myths so common in stories from ancient cultures around the world? I've written about this in several blogs (eg, my 2016 blog). Actually, there is no flood myth; it's part of our geological history. Also see Wiki on the post-glacial sea level rise. The above might be viewed as yet another example of my recent...

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Why would an infinite universe still expand?

Suppose you are standing in the middle of the Great Sahara desert. You can only see sand; there's nothing else. People will claim this desert is infinite, while scientists claim it's expanding. Both views (ie, infinite vs expanding) do not reconcile. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Something similar is happening regarding the Universe. In my view, the...

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