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The builder versus hunter/gatherer hypothesis

On 28 June 2023, a scientific article caused breaking news: The Myth of Man the Hunter: Women’s contribution to the hunt across ethnographic contexts. The article fitted well in (gender) discussions on men vs women. The outcome was simple: early women were hunters as well. Usually, computer games show simple societies: from hunter/gatherer towards builders &...

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When the Past is unknown, the Present and Future become relevant

My title above just entered my mind. That title might also be the reason why the human species is not really interested in its distant past. Our history seems restricted to its last 7,000 years. Anything that happened before the great flood (c.20,000-c.7,000 years ago) appears to have been lost “forever”. Perhaps, our ignorance towards our distant past has a...

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History, legends and myths (3)

Planet Earth is c.4.5 billion years old (eg, NatGeo). Earliest lifeforms are c.3.7 billion years old (eg, Smithsonian). The oldest human fossils are some 7 million years old. The oldest human writing is some 5 thousand years old. Temperature recording began less than 400 years ago (eg, NASA). Notwithstanding the above, scientists continue to write about Earth’s...

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The magnifying glass

Whenever we look at things from a (long) distance, we are generally just observers, who do not judge. Our attitude changes when we focus on the details of what’s happening. Suddenly, we must judge. Relevant history is suddenly deemed irrelevant. Recently, I heard an interesting related remark on TV in the crime series Lewis, (#8.2 in IMDb; see Se7Ep6). Detective...

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Extreme views are more attractive than moderate ones?!

A recent article in Scientific American claims that: "New research shows that people are drawn to others with more extreme versions of their own political views". I wonder if that is true. If only because I do not relate to it, whatsoever. I dislike extreme political views, from any side. I believe in cooperation rather than competition, which may explain my...

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Is everything part of a cycle?

Many theories assume the existence of a cycle, like the social cycle theory, business cycle theory, product life-cycle theory, Milankovitch climate cycles, Strauss–Howe generational theory (eg, my July 7 blog), intelligence cycle, and the cycle of abuse. Hence, my question: is everything part of a cycle? The exception might be Time (eg, the arrow of Time) and/or...

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