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China Makes a Risky Bet on Olympic Victory Over Covid (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: China Makes a Risky Bet on Olympic Victory Over CovidBy: Andrew BrowneDate: 8 January 2022 "After a blowout extravaganza in 2008, China has dramatically lowered expectations for the Winter Olympic Games that begin in just a few weeks. During a recent inspection tour of the snow-and-ice venues, President Xi Jinping set out his modest ambitions for...

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The opposite of the Greater Good theory

Introduction LO: A recent article in The Independent (see below) has enormous potential consequences. What may be good for one person, may well be bad for all other people. One could even argue it is the opposite of the Greater Good theory. A synonym is utilitarianism, "a family of normative ethical theories that prescribe actions that...

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Ic-arts bij Op1 kritisch over harde lockdown: ‘Er komen niet duizenden op ic’

"Armand Girbes, ic-arts en hoofd van de ic-afdeling in het Amsterdam UMC, twijfelt aan strengere maatregelen die het demissionaire kabinet waarschijnlijk vandaag zal aankondigen. Dat liet hij gisteravond bij Op1 blijken. Volgens de ic-arts schort het een en ander aan de modellen waarop het OMT zich baseert. Ook vindt hij de tijd rijp om op een andere...

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Why life is faster but depression is lower in bigger cities (Aeon)

Introduction LO: I selected this article for a review because it's (i) counterintuitive and (ii) contradicts scientific research. Latter is also acknowledged in this article: "For decades, the conflicting experiences of city living have led urbanites and scholars to ask: are cities bad for mental health? The conventional wisdom and scientific answer for...

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The Public-Health Mafia (National Review)

Introduction LO: Some 20-30 ago, someone used the word "medicine mafia" to me. He had ample experience with that world. Back then, it was new to me. Early 2015, I used that word in my blog Healthcare, medicine mafia and Automotive. Today, a synonym is used in this NR article: Public-Health mafia. Please realize that this article is an opinion and actually not a bad...

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