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The labor shortage is a health problem (Axios)

Axios title: The labor shortage is a health problemBy: Felix SalmonDate: 13 December 2021 "Almost half of unemployed Americans say health issues are the primary reason they're not working, according to new survey data from McKinsey, shared exclusively with Axios. Why it matters: If one of the key drivers of the labor shortage is Americans' physical and mental...

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Some Hospitals Drop Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates to Ease Labor Shortages (WSJ)

Introduction and update LO: Similar measures have been taken in U.S. public transport (eg, U.S. passenger railroad Amtrak suspends vaccine mandate for employees) in order to avoid to " needing to temporarily reduce some train frequencies across our network". Update Washington Post: "A federal appeals court on Friday reinstated the Biden...

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The public has turned against the excesses of the lockdown fanatics (Telegraph)

The Telegraph title: The public has turned against the excesses of the lockdown fanaticsThe Telegraph subtitle: Scepticism about the tightening ratchet of restrictions has quietly begun to go mainstreamAuthor: Liam HalliganDate: 5 December 2021 "This time last year, Professor Neil Ferguson observed how China’s draconian anti-Covid restrictions had influenced the...

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Democracy slipping away at record rate, intergovernmental body warns (Reuters)

Reuters title: Democracy slipping away at record rate, intergovernmental body warnsDate: 22 November 2021 "BRUSSELS, Nov 22 (Reuters) - A greater number of countries are sliding towards authoritarianism, while the number of established democracies under threat has never been so high, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) said on...

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The law of supply and demand in hospitals

We are headed for a Code Black scenario in the Netherlands, in which normal healthcare (eg, cancer patients) is minimized or even turned down in favour of corona patients. The blame game is about the demand for hospital beds (eg, unvaccinated people). Rarely, the supply side is mentioned in this blame game. Please take a look at this diagram that I prepared for this...

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Who is to blame for hospital demand exceeding supply?

Recently, a friend posted a diagram indicating that the group of hospitalized people now includes unvaccinated and (fully) vaccinated people. This applies to several countries. This is weird as vaccines should prevent hospitalization. I got curious as to the How, What, Who & Why. A recent WebMD article claims the (American) breakthrough cases are in need for a...

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