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Growth: what goes up must come down

Growth refers to many different topics: body, brain, business, cancer, climate, economy, ethics, inflation, politics, population, and the Universe. We use many different adjectives to describe growth, like: absolute, actual, historical, marginal, projected, relative. A decline is even negative growth. Source: Our World in Data The population diagram for 1750-2100...

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Get Your Rest (Scientific American)

Scientific American title: Get Your Rest By: Eti Ben Simon Date: 15 August 2023 “In healthy individuals, good-quality sleep is linked with a more positive mood—and it takes just one night of sleep deprivation to trigger a robust spike in anxiety and depression the following morning. Moreover people who suffer from chronic sleep disruption tend to experience...

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China’s weakened economy or “economic long COVID” (Axios)

Axios Macro title: China's weakened economy / "economic long COVID" By: Neil Irwin and Courtenay Brown Date: 7 August 2023 "The Chinese economy is in worse long-term shape than is widely understood, a prominent American economist is arguing, in ways that cannot be easily fixed. It is "economic long COVID," featuring a persistent dearth of investment and...

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Recently, a friend posted some nice vacation pictures from France, and I liked them. He then asked me about my 2023 vacation plans. I told him that I have none. He asked me why. His question was simple but my answer is not. There appear to be many and even complex reasons. My last vacation was mid 2014. Back then, I was still celebrating the apparent ending of my...

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Why do animals, humans and plants dislike rain?

Recently, I read that all birds look for cover during heavy rain, except for wood-pigeons (eg, 2014 blog, Quora, source). As a result, these pigeons may die from hypothermia. It's not only birds but also humans and plants. Hence, this Naked Scientists question: Why do animals (and humans) dislike getting wet? I once read that plants panic as they fear the impact of...

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Excess mortality

Late 2021, a member of Dutch Parliament submitted a vote for an inquiry in the prolonged Dutch excess mortality. His motion received the full support of Dutch Parliament (source). Other countries have similar questions, like the UK and USA. So far, nobody has found a satisfactory explanation. Some explanations are more political than scientific. Hence, my adding of...

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