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Guilt & Shame

Closure comes with a price

Last week, I finally received closure with someone. I lost my anger with that person but gained (brief) sadness. For me, that sadness relates to losing Hope. It's over now. In other situations, the price of closure may relate to Doubt, Fear or Love. Hence, my blog title: Closure comes with a price. In my view, I wasn't looking for closure. I was looking to protect...

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Rutte: anti-Timmermans = winst PVV

Dinsdag publiceerde BNR Nieuwsradio een merkwaardig artikel: Rutte: ‘VVD’ers stemden op PVV uit angst voor overwinning Timmermans’. Ik vraag me af of zijn woorden een echte verdediging zijn voor de nieuwe VVD partijleider. Je kunt er namelijk ook een verhulde aanval in zien. Het waarheidsgehalte van Rutte’s woorden is bovendien minimaal. In zijn eigen tijd was een...

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Why do we compare?

Each day, we compare, whether relevant or not. Some recent blog examples: Is stupidity worse than evil?? and Natural Stupidity vs Artificial Intelligence and inclusivity vs honesty. Without that Big Think article, I would not even have considered a comparison between evil and stupidity. Another example: the almost daily drownings of immigrants, aiming to cross the...

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The Grifters

Recently, I had an unpleasant experience in a restaurant. After finishing our desert, I suddenly heard a loud voice behind me saying: "No, it was disgusting!" Apparently, she had responded to the waiter's question: "Did you enjoy your desert?" She also pushed 3 empty desert plates in his hands. Actually, that desert had been excellent: fried (!) strawberries with...

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When to apply the lesser of two evils principle?

My question is: when can one apply this principle? Is it even possible to apply this principle on nations, like China vs USA, or China vs Russia? It seems that this principle prefers a micro rather than a macro view, like the 2016 choice between H. Clinton and Trump (eg. my 2016 blog, Politico). Most likely, evil requires a simple, one-dimensional view. Example:...

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What is a minimally good life?

In 2011, I visited a slum near Mombasa, following the invitation from a hotel guard. I asked a local cab driver what I should bring as a present. He said a big bottle of Coca Cola and cookies were enough because more would be embarrassing to them. The cab driver was right and the family was thrilled. My blog title is partly borrowed from a 2020 Aeon-Psyche article:...

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