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What Have We Learned From the FTX-Binance Debacle? (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: What Have We Learned From the FTX-Binance Debacle? Bloomberg subtitle: Instead of revolutionizing finance, crypto is largely repeating its mistakes. Let the buyer beware. By: the Bloomberg Opinion Editorial Board Date: 10 November 2022 "Cryptocurrencies were supposed to usher in a new and better era of finance. Instead of relying on fragile, stodgy...

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Hu Jintao (GPF)

GeoPolitical Futures: Hu Jintao By: George Friedman Date: 24 October 2022 “An extraordinary thing happened in China at the final meeting of the party congress over the weekend. Hu Jintao, the previous president of China, was sitting next to President Xi Jinping when two men approached from the rear. Hu rose and appeared increasingly surprised and then alarmed. A few...

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The Global Economy Enters ‘Eye of a New Storm’ (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: The Global Economy Enters ‘Eye of a New Storm’ By: Simon Kennedy Date: 3 October 2022  Shockwaves Forget Nike Town. It’s more Nike down, these days. Shares of the sportswear giant plunged the most in two decades last week. The main reason was a 65% surge in inventories during the fiscal first quarter through August. But the...

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The Chinese implosion – a 2022 update (3)

Early 2016, I published part 1 and part 2 of this blog. I'm surprised that the Chinese implosion is nearer than I had expected. Usually, such a development takes decades. I suppose China's swift transformation from pragmatism to ideology is accountable and responsible for the acceleration of its implosion. The reasons for my current expectation are as follows:...

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Why would a Big Bang event be the start of our Universe?

In 1949, astronomer Fred Hoyle coined the term Big Bang as a joke. Fred Hoyle believed in "panspermia as the origin of life on Earth". On the surface, a Big Bang could explain a situation in which nothing transfers to something. However, nothing is - by definition - the absence of energy and of matter. Recently, we are finally seeing lots of articles with...

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Pushing boundaries

Last Sunday, a local friend joined me at my table at his restaurant. He had a blog topic for me: pushing boundaries. He was not talking about the recently popular term of transgressive behaviour (in Dutch: grensoverschrijdend gedrag). More specifically, he wondered why I'm not pushing my boundaries. Children are always pushing their boundaries with respect to...

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