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Man is fundamentally much more greedier than he is principled

Recently, I asked a friend and former colleague why there are so many (big) financial scandals in a BULL market (eg, Archegos Capital Management, Greensill Capital, Wirecard). Usually, such scandals occur in a BEAR market because losses can no longer be hidden (eg, from banks, press, public). This discrepancy is bugging me. After some further reflection, I could...

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Giving versus Taking

Giving versus Taking

Today's society is characterized by dualism (eg, bipartisanship, knowledge vs power, Us vs Them). China is already migrating to monism. The concept of trialism is mostly forgotten and is represented by my concept of Love, Knowledge & Power (my blogs). Trialism is giving me a new perspective to several subjects that were once on my list of topics (eg,...

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If Bitcoin is a scam, is Blockchain too?

Several months ago, a Kenyan friend asked me if she should invest in Bitcoin. She had no clue what Bitcoin was. Two weeks ago, an acquaintance asked me to join him in buying Bitcoin. He invested a large amount. Despite recent price decreases, he still had a profit. I strongly advised him to cash his Bitcoins. He was reluctant to do so as he expects the price to go...

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