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Great Divide

Freedom: micro vs macro

Freedom used to be a clear and undisputed concept. Today, it's perspective has changed into a micro and a macro focus. The micro focus is still about the individual. The new macro focus is about society at large. Today, the freedom of society (if any) is apparently more important than an individual's freedom. This development implies that an individual's freedom has...

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EU vaccine passport a.k.a. Digital Green Certificate

Southern European countries (eg, Greece) are in urgent need of tourist Euro's. This explains the EU's drive to develop a Digital Green Certificate to "facilitate safe free movement inside the EU". Hence, the EU presents this initiative as an add-on to Article 21 of the TFEU, which regulates the right to freedom of movement within the EU.However, Article...

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Identity vs Power (5): cancel culture

Last Sunday, my son and I drove by a totem pole, used centuries ago for banning people (in Dutch: banpaal). There are still some left in the Netherlands. The cancel culture is a contemporary equivalent from that ancient practice, and is also known as ostracism. A significant difference is that the new practice lacks the (official) authorization...

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What’s wrong in Germany and Holland?

Both Germany and the Netherlands have long-serving political leaders. Both countries are facing serious and ongoing scandals. Might this be a logical consequence of long-reigning (absolute) power? Lord Acton (1834-1902) once stated: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men [] ".Both countries share...

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Why life is (not) digital

Recently, I had an epiphany that relates to my 2017 blog Why is life digital? My 2019 blog, Love-Knowledge-Power (3): dualism vs trialism, noticed a link between our digital views and dualism. Now, I see a link between a lack of having digital views, pragmatism and trialism. A 2017 article in Brain Pickings referred to Bertrand Russell's views...

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The Greater Good versus the Happy Few

In Wednesday's blog, "How long can a society last without hope?", I suddenly realised that the new Great Divide of (i) Ideology versus Pragmatism (my 2020 blog), and (ii) the generational conflict (my 2021 blog) have a remarkable overlap. Combined, they represent a new Great Divide of the Greater Good versus the Happy Few.The Greater Good theory assumes...

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