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The final remark in yesterday's blog wondered whether life and relationships are all about reciprocity. That remark struck a nerve inside me because reciprocity even has its own blog label since late 2015. Nevertheless, I viewed reciprocity as human interaction. I failed to see its relation with balance & symmetry, symbiosis and perhaps...

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Is the Universe a Giant living organism? (Disclose)

Disclose title: Is the Universe a Giant living organism? Publication date: 14 June 2015 "How do we humans identify life in todays era? Does life really need oxygen and water? Or is it possible that there are other organisms that need very different elements for life. If this is an acceptable theory, what about the universe? Could it be possible that the...

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Are planets evolutionary lab experiments? (3)

Astronomers have their own chicken and egg question: "it could be that the black holes appear first and then galaxies form around them, or it could be that the presence of many stars forming a galaxy pushes mass together and creates the black hole." (Digital Trends) This question may have been answered as a supermassive black hole was noticed in a tiny galaxy. After...

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I was about to write that the use of cloudbusters might be an early example of geo-engineering. Then I noticed the history of geotechnical engineering up until 1700 by Jean Kérisel. He considers the use of tools as the earliest human example of what would ultimately be called geo-engineering: "the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the...

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The Moon and its dark side

A famous 1973 Pink Floyd album is called The Dark Side of the Moon. Until recently, I had never realised that we only see one (1) side of our Moon. The other ("dark") side of the moon is invisible to us. Recent Chinese images of that other side show a landscape full of craters unlike "our" side (Guardian). To some extent, our moon protects us from the impact of...

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Love-Knowledge-Power (3): dualism vs trialism

Love-Knowledge-Power (3): dualism vs trialism

A few days ago, I asked myself again why everything seems digital, like black/white, dark/light, left/right, men/women, and yes/no. Also see my 2017 blog: Why is Life digital? Our digital perception of Life might be accountable and/or responsible for a concept called dualism, like the Knowledge-Power equation and/or Yin and Yang. Philosophy, including...

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