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Drivers of Change: a 2022 update

Several of my blogs have mentioned the drivers of Change, which govern everything around us. Late April 2018, I published my initial blog Drivers of Change, which included a rather complex diagram. I suppose I was still arranging my thoughts. Today, I present a much simpler diagram. Perhaps, the single most important item in my diagram is the Blueprint of our...

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Quality vs Quantity

Recently, the Dutch FT published a story about a well-known start-up company facing production problems: from cool to faltering. This story can be summarized by: quantity up, quality down. To a large extent, it resembles capillary action: if you push the liquid in one tube down, the other one goes up, despite gravity. In 1855, Robert Browning wrote his poem Andrea...

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The dark side of Hope

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation about how destructive Hope can be when you love someone or even something. Hope will keep generating new expectations. These new expectations may result in new disappointments. That cycle is destructive for your wellbeing. Hence, the dark side of Hope. My latest diagram (left) illustrates the above. This perspective is new to...

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Does gravity affect our micro-macro focus?

Gravity keeps us grounded and prevents us from jumping up high in the air. Could gravity also affect our thinking in a similar way? Many, and perhaps most, people have a micro focus. They look at correctness, at details, at empathy. Nearly all media adopt a micro focus. There is, however, another perspective. On the other side, there is a macro focus. That focus...

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Various stock market indices have shown historic peaks last week (eg, AEX, S&P). The NASDAQ Composite reached its all-time high already on 12 February 2021. Nevertheless, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility Index is far from its end of March 2020 peak. Why do historically high stock (and bond) prices, amidst a pandemic, not translate in...

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Symbiosis and consciousness

About a month ago, I noticed mushrooms growing on a “beheaded” tree. An example of symbiosis, I thought. A week later, I noticed a white thread in those mushrooms, probably a yeast. I wondered whether this was an example of 3-way symbiosis. Several days later, the mushrooms had become a filthy stinking drab. The yeast had probably killed the intruding mushrooms....

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